SAC Elections 2020

Staff Advisory Council Nominations for 2020

The SAC would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all candidates in this year’s SAC election, as well as to everyone who voted in the election. If you did not get elected, we hope you will continue to be involved with the SAC and consider running again in the next election.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following staff members on their election to the SAC. Your appointments will officially begin on July 1, 2020.

A/P Faculty:
Cece Burkett – Residence Life & Housing, Coordinator of Housing Operations
Edward Gray – IT Support Services, Systems Integration and Support Specialist
Lee Roy Johnson – Residence Life & Housing, Area Coordinator
Pam Lowery – Human Resources, Director of Technology in Professional Development/HR Consultant
Clint Often – Athletics, Assistant Athletic Director
Julie Smith – Finance, Associate Vice President – Finance

Of note: This year, in response to an unprecedented tie for the fifth opening in the AP category, the SAC executive committee voted to seat all six candidates in this category in recognition of the excellent qualifications and willingness to serve. Any adjustment in representation across employment categories will be addressed in the next election cycle, if necessary.

Betsy Southern (three year term) – Athletics, Manager Business Operations
Brian Ogle (one year term) – Registrar, Associate Registrar for Student Systems

Ryan Hastings (three year term) – Registrar, Veteran Liaison/Assistant Registrar

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