About the Council

Who We Are

The Staff Advisory Council is a Presidential Council made up of twenty-three (23) classified, wage, and administrative staff whose purpose is to promote collaboration and ensure open communication channels throughout all levels of the University. The council provides an avenue for employee input and feedback and a means of participating in the design, development, and implementation of University programs, projects, and services. It also strengthens employee awareness of critical issues and provides a valuable perspective for the University community and administration on matters of significant concern to wage, classified, and administrative staff.

Our Vision and Purpose

The SAC is committed to being an active partner in the continued success of the institution. We recognize the pivotal role all community members play as an integral part of the campus community and its success.

Further, we are acutely aware of the importance of strengthening employee awareness of missioncritical issues at the University and seek to foster positive morale through increased channels of communication throughout all levels of the institution. Through our leadership, synergy, and ongoing collaboration with the administration, the Staff Advisory Council can provide valuable perspectives to the administration on matters of significant concern to classified, wage, and administrative employees.   

The Staff Advisory Council seeks to:  

  • Improve communication among and between administration, faculty, and staff of important substantive University initiatives while providing an outlet for employee input and feedback;   
  • Build a strong, mission-driven community of dedicated and empowered employees that strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, both internal and external; 
  • Initiate and promote programs that enhance, improve, and sustain employee morale; 
  • Support University initiatives that provide effective mechanisms to increase employee participation in design, development, and implementation of furthering our mission. 

In striving to accomplish its vision and mission, the SAC:

  • Serves as a representative body for staff (classifies, wage, and administrative faculty).
  • Acts in an advisory capacity to the University administration  
  • Recommends staff representatives to University Committees when appropriate.
  • Provides a forum for the exchange of information between staff and other University constituencies.
  • Fosters a spirit of respect, dignity, unity, and cooperation among staff, faculty, administration, and students.
  • Provides referrals for individual concerns and problems to appropriate University resources.
  • Accepts and share responsibility with the administration, faculty, and students to attain the stated goals of the University.

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