Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – July 2016

SAC Meeting
July 21, 2016
Stafford Campus

Speaker:  Paul Messplay – Budget Office

  • High level overview of what happened to the budget.
  • Staff are interested in what happened to raises.
  • The state doesn’t put money aside for raises.
  • Language states:  If money is not needed for a budget shortfall, it can be used for raises.
  • FY16 revenues are below the budget, so triggered a revenue reforecast.
  • Officials are huddling to see if something can be done.  Raises are a high priority.
  • UMW experienced a change of approximately $6.1.  It’s uncertain at this point what the financial picture totally looks like.

President’s Report:

Michael & Julie met with Dr. Paino on July 14 at 3pm.

  • Had a 30 minute meeting.
  • Paino has gathered a lot of information since he arrived on campus.
  • Shared information that is important to SAC.
  • Excited, energetic, supportive of staff.
  • Will speak at a meeting, and at the annual Retreat.


A/C at Facilities

  • This project is still on the RADAR.
  • There is no funding for the project.
  • We don’t know how much the project will cost.
  • We hope that this project can be done before long.
  • One complication: The shops have large exhaust systems.
  • Note: There are other areas that have broken / insufficient air conditioning.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Rhonda has resigned as Treasurer. The Elections Committee will approach others to step in.
  • We have $1000 (state money).
  • Paino may give us funds.


Back to School Drive:

  •                 We will working with Spotsylvania County Public Schools.
  •                 Collection of supplies begins July 15, and goes through the end of August.
  •                 Supplies are needed for all age students.

Stuff the Bus

Mixer (June):

  • Attendance was good.
  • Attendees enjoyed the interaction with others, the food, and the give-aways.
  • Considering another Mixer in the fall.
  • Michael will discuss this with Dr. Paino.  We will reach out to the Faculty to include them.

Day of Action

  • September 23
  • There will be one UMW team.
  • Participants can register for a full- or half-day.
  • Interested participants should reach out to Christina Eggenberger.

Fall Break Activity: 

  • Considering a Bake Sale / Bake-Off
  • Tuesday, October 18
  • Consider giving tickets for folks who bring canned goods.

Once Can Hope: 

  • October 1 – December 20
  • Details will follow.

Larry Atkins

Fitness Challenge:

  • Purpose:  to encourage UMW employees to exercise and get Fit!
  • Prize:  FitBit
  • Duration:  4 week period to start on Sunday, July 24 – run through Saturday, Aug 20
  • Exercise:  # of walks / runs / swims / bikes / whatever exercise you want!
  • Weekly Submission:  Each week submitted by Saturday at 9pm for weekly winner of water bottle supplied by SAC
  • Final Submission:  Final # of workouts submitted by August 22 at 8:00 am –  choose winner by August 24.  (In case of tie will pull names out of hat)
  • Winners:  Publish winners name on HR website, SAC newsletter (?) and Eagle Eye
  • Tax Form – Fitbit:  Have winner sign payroll tax form to be taxed on Fitbit (value $89)
  • Tax Form – Water Bottles:  Weekly water bottles are under $15 so no tax form required!
  • SAC’s Role: Publicize, promote, challenge….The Communications Committee is working on a flyer.
  • Would like to have a communication from HR.


  • Les Johnson is coming on board to fill Laura Needham’s position.
  • The elections committee is working to fill the other vacancies.



  • The SAC Newsletter was opened more in May than in any month that we’ve published the newsletter.
  • Information about the Larry Atkins Award, the Fitness challenge, and more will be included in the next newsletter.
  • Will go out next Wednesday.


  • Partnering with Activities to advertise activities that are coming up.


  • August – Sabrina Johnson
  • September –
  • October –
  • November –
  • December –

Administrative Liaison’s Report

  • FLSA – HR, Cabinet Members are working together to roll out the new FLSA regulations.
    • Goal: Want to be transparent.
    • Currently working on position reviews.
    • Open sessions: Begin July 26, and go thru September 7.
    • Considering asking Stafford employees to attend a session on the F’burg campus. There is value in having large groups dialogue.
    • Requiring managers to attend information sessions.
    • Will announce the divisional meetings at the HR meetings.
    • Want to ensure that managers are talking to their employees.
    • Sabrina would like for us to promote the sessions.
    • Message: We want to pay you for your work; we will not ask you to work without being paid.
    • Positions are being reviewed to ensure that employees are being fairly compensated.
    • Emphasis: Accountability – Transparency – Consistency
    • Encouraging flexible scheduling / schedule adjusting.
    • Considering having an employee give a ‘testimony’ about how s/he
  • Faculty / Staff Engagement Survey:
    • Will be discussed on soon.
    • Hope to come out of that meeting with a plan to involve / inform the community.
    • There’s an assumption that the SAC will assist with communication on the issue.

Announcements / Updates

Fitness Center:  The Fitness Center is changing hours / practices.  The changes will be rolled out soon.

Lee Hall Operations Committee:  There is no space for break room space.  Amy will reach out to Dr. O’Donnell to see if the old Career Services space may be used.  Tho’ small, there is also a room on the 4th floor of Lee Hall.

Tuition Reimbursement:  Tuition reimbursement is a topic that many are interested in.  There is a desire to reinstate Tuition Reimbursement, but there is no funding to do so at this time.

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