Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – February 2016

Thursday, February 18
Lee Hall 412
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Kelly Shannon from the Fitness Center joined us, and made a presentation about proposed modfications to the Center’s programming.  Melissa Jones was also in attendance.

Kelly reported that they are exploring some changes. In addition to additional programming, they are exploring charging a membership fee.

Fac / Staff participation in programs was low when Kelly arrived at UMW.  One of her goals is to increase F/S participation.  Current the center supports the Fitness Center, Group Fitness, IM Sports, and Sport Clubs.  There are 20 – 30 group fitness classes.

Faculty and Staff were surveyed in November to try to determine why they are not using the center.  Several requests were made;  the center has been able to offer some of the requests.

In doing some research, they found that other VA schools charge for F/S access to fitness centers.

The center has increased offerings, and offers more variety, compared to 1 year ago.  This has been accomplished with the assistance of an intern.

By charging participants, the goal is to increase the hours, inicrease offerings, and increase the number of participants.  They are proposing a 30 day free trial, charging $50/semester,$35/summer/$115 /year.  This would be an opt in, pretax program; staff would pay less than $5 / paycheck.  A Plus-one membership would be the same price.

Discussion raised the following points / questions:

  • This gives the appearance of taking a benefit away
  • Faculty will push back more
  • Comparison to other facilities should be thorough.
  • Fee structure – other options should be available.
  • Has a cost analysis been done?
  • What will doing this do to morale?
  • Have they investigated a phased in approach (i.e. charging for special events)



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Vice President


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  • Chili Cook Off
    • John provided flyers
    • The Supplier Expo – Feb. 26: Encouraged to attend
    • EagleOne will be contributing drinks courtesy of Pepsico but SAC is responsible for the receipt of the drinks and getting them on ice, etc. They want SAC to encourage attendees to bring their EagleOne cards to be entered into a drawing via an iValidate swipe reader where they wil be giving away two $25 cash prizes to be deposited into EagleOne. EagleOne is also contributing 3 prizes for the Chili Cook-Off for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, all three a total of $110 to be deposited on EagleOne Card. SAC can determine the prize money tiers for those places.
    • Coolers are needed
    • Assistance needed:
      • Transport drinks from John’s office
      • Set Up
      • Clean up
      • Facilities – has large ice maker – Connie will fill bags with ice
      • Need more pots of chili – have 6 – want at least 10 – last year 12
      • Amy – Beer bread
      • Need: shredded cheese, onions, sour cream


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Newsletter Michelle developed a template for the newsletter. Distribute monthly. The Executive Committee will be meeting with Torre Meringolo and Marty Morrison to discuss the proposed S.A.C. newsletter.

The website has been updated

Old business

Flash Drives for members

Fitness Challenge:  Partnership with HR

New business

All employees should have Bereavement leave and Emergency leave.  The majority of State Offices or State Agencies offer this to their employees.  The Commonwealth does not offer bereavement leave.  Traditional sick leave employees can use sick leave for bereavement.  Annual or Family personal can be used.

Sending leave to another employee or having a “Leave Bank “ option for employees.  UMW has a Leave Sharing program, but not a leave bank.

Employees guaranteed 15 minute breaks?   Does the State require Employers to give their employees two 15 minute breaks if they work an eight hour day?  A lunch break is required; other breaks are not required.

A break room for employees (one or two in each building) would be a good idea.  The next step is to talk to the supervisor.

Treasurer’s Report

Budget figures remain the same. At this point, neither the charge for Atkins Awards or purchases (poster board, water bottles) thru the Foundation account are not reflected in reports.

Committee Reports


Chili Cook-Off: Preparations are being made. Reminders are going to each faculty / staff meeting. A story has been submitted to EagleEye. Date: March 2 – University Center. Vendors will be invited, but low participation is expected. Erma Baker will ask vendors for give-aways. John is working with Alec Mallman to arrange the space. The AV staff are going to provide music.

Is there information that we want to collect from attendees. We should make a list of what we have done available. Consider putting an SAC goodies basket together.

Food Drive: Closing out loose ends of Food Drive. Advising folks to remove the boxes. The Facilities staff provided excellent support. We will send a thank you note.

Excellent Eagle: The next selection will be at the end of January. John will put a message in EagleEye.


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