Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – December 2015


President Hurley stopped by to say “Happy Holidays”, and to offer his thanks for what the team does.

Scott Harris – James Monroe Museum

Scott is a UMW graduate (Historic Preservation), and finds working at the museum very rewarding. Monroe had a lifetime of service, beginning with the Revolutionary War. After the war, he decided to practice law, studying with Thomas Jefferson. Monroe served as governor of Virginia 4 times, as a member of the Diplomatic Service, a member of Madison’s cabinet. After the War of 1812, Monroe served 2 terms as President. During his term, he toured the country; he faced issues such as relationships with Native Americans and slavery. The Monroe Doctrine was his biggest accomplishment.

Many places / things are named for him (schools, counties, cities, etc.).


The James Monroe Museum is in Fredericksburg as a tribute to his residency in Fredericksburg. The museum has a very large collection of items that belonged to the Monroes. It is still a ‘collecting’ institution; it has recently acquired a painting of Monroe and books that belonged to him. Much programming is done.


Fitness Challenge – HR is promoting a fitness challenge each month, and has asked the S.A.C. to consider sponsoring a challenge. We purchased prizes for winners of these challenges. We suggested that we promote walking to Washington (~52 miles).

There wasn’t as much advertising done during the year as desired. It will carry over during 2016.   Let Amy O’Reilly know if we have ideas.

New members joined us for this meeting, and were welcomed to the meeting.

The President’s position channels issues to the appropriate group. 2016 promises to be an exciting year, with a new President coming on board and many initiatives being considered. The President serves on the President’s Leadership Team.

Vice President:

Michael is looking forward to serving as the President next year.

The Retreat is scheduled for January 29 at the Stafford Campus.

The VP works on committees, collaborates with the SAC President, and serves as a line of communication. The person in the position follows up on outstanding issues. Having open lines of communication is of utmost importance.


The budget totals are:
UMW account:                                $822.40
Foundation account:                        $230.00
President’s Foundation account:       $910.00

The treasurer manages the budget; at times she makes purchases on behalf of the group.

Food Drive
– Food will be collected thru Winter Break.

Chili Cook-Off – March 2; we hope that people will promote the event. It will be held in the UC.

Excellent Eagle Employee award:   It has been suggested that we give gift cards to winners in addition to having a sign for the winner’s space. This will be considered at a meeting when we have a quorum.

The Elections committee manages the election process, works to fill open positions, and updates the Constitution and ByLaws.

This group publicizes events and activities via EagleEye, manages the SAC website, and publishes the Twitter feed. The group arranges speakers for each meeting.

Open Floor
Members introduced themselves.

Thanks were shared for the work that has been done over the year.

Sue suggested that we should make sure that we recognize SAC members when employees gather together.

January 29 – Stafford Campus:

Lunch will be provided. We may have a potluck breakfast. An agenda will provided after we get back in January.

We probably will not vote on officers at the retreat so that members can carefully consider roles.

December Meeting
We will have a pot-luck at the last meeting. Details will be provided.

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