Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – August 2016

SAC Meeting
August 18, 2016
1:00 pm
Lee Hall 412


Sabrina Johnson

Ms. Johnson presented information about the FLSA.  She would like to have the perspective of the SAC members.  She’d also like to know if we’re hearing about burning issues that we’re hearing about.

Members of the group asked several questions:

  • If you are exempt, do you change to non-exempt if your salary is under the new threshold? Change to exempt.
  • Is the salary tied to your EWP? Yes – but there is not a 1-1 correlation.
  • If a salary is below the threshold, the position is non-exempt, and you get a raise – will the position change to Exempt?  Yes
  • How was $47,476 arrived at? A number of indices were used to arrive at the threshold number.


  • Salary below $47,476 – No matter what the duties are, positions are non-exempt.
  • If the salary is above $47,476, the duties test ‘makes the decision’.

Old Business

CPR training

CPR is offered to any department that requests it, however that department is required to pay for the training. The training is provided by Sharon Allen. Public Safety will set up the training upon request.

Suggestion:  UMW should provide CPR training for all employees.  It would be helpful for the training be provided to students.

Safe Zone

Michael is working with Dr. Cox to establish the parameters for SAC’s involvement in Safe Zone training.

Lee Hall 2nd floor breakroom

No decision has been made about break space in Lee Hall.  Michael will talk to

Fitness Center Position / Response

A few responses were sent to Michael.  Rumors are rampant.


The next newsletter goes out on August 31.  Suggestions for topics are welcome.


Next month’s speaker is Anand Rao.  It will be helpful to have him chat with us about communication.

Day of Action Update

Registration has closed.  Confirmations are being sent out.  The scheduled date is September 23.

Newsletter Stats:  The number of ‘opens’ has been fairly static.


Excellent Eagle Employee

We will need new nominations soon.

Back to School drive update.

Supplies were picked up last Friday.  A large load of supplies were delivered to Spotsylvania schools.  Additional supplies will be picked up as needed.

Larry Atkins Awards

Nominations have started to come in; they are due no later than September 12.  Awards will be made at the October luncheon.  Sabrina sent out an announcement in the middle of the day.

Employee Appreciation Day

October 18 – There will be a luncheon.  Awards will be presented.  John will be working with Jennifer Cooper in HR to develop a program.

One Can Hope

Canned Food Drive begins at the beginning of October and runs through Winter Break.


Treasurer:  Amy O’Reilly is stepping into the Treasurer’s role.

Elections:  Nominations will open in October.  Those who are rolling off will be contacted to see if they want to continue.

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