September 2012 S.A.C. Meeting Minutes

Staff Advisory Council

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fredericksburg Campus, Red Room @ Campus Center


I. Opening – Welcome guests to S.A.C.!

Introduction to S.A.C. – Milton Kline

Role Call (to be taken by sign-in sheet)

Milton Kline, S.A.C. President, welcomed all of the guests and made some remarks about the role of the S.A.C.

II. Speaker: Paula Wilder

Updates from Human Resources


New website – many different resources up there. Information on the Human Resources staff – what each person handles.

Dedicated policy that deals with volunteers.

Notary publics – free of charge.

Shared employee benefit information such as bookstore discount, free access to museums, telework, etc.

Newsletter connected to Eagle Eye will begin next week.

Question: Is there a link to the S.A.C. on the Human Resources website?


Judy Kwitnieski spoke on the “Great Place to Work” study. Two task forces – On-boarding and Employee Recognition, specifically, the Colleague Recognition Program.


III. Treasurer’s Report: Michael Morley

$1000 in budget. It is currently unencumbered.


IV. Old Business

a. S.A.C. issue flow chart with revisions (Christina Eggenberger)

Christina passed out a handout that addresses how issues flow through the S.A.C.

Chris Porter made a motion to have the document accepted as our official topic flow chart of issues. Seconded by Paula Wilder. Motion passed unanimously.

b. Diversity Leadership Council and Diversity Award (Charles Tate)

Looking to give an award to a department that does something outside of their normal processes that supports and promotes diversity. Are there opinions about what should be granted? Lunch with President, potentially in Bromptom, possibly Belmont.


V. New Business

a. Meetings – consistency of meeting days/dates/times for 2013 (Chris Porter)

Discussion of setting a consistent time

Get a sense when other departments/divisions are having meetings.

Making certain that we take into consideration the wage employees.

We have three wage employees – can we work directly with them to find out what times work with them?

Use doodle to assess availability.

Motion to form a work group to determine appropriate meeting days/dates/times.

On committee: Chris, Janet, Bethany and Melina.

Passed unanimously.

b. Morale issues and meeting with President Hurley (Milton Kline)

Milton shared some concerns that we’ve been hearing.

Executive Board shared information from the meeting with President Hurley.

What about admin-faculty?

Direction that things are going? Concern that things weren’t planned out in advance and necessary follow-up isn’t happening. Gaps in oversight that were left open. Nobody seeing the big picture. Employees don’t know if someone has left – who is doing their job?

People moving out of Stafford – abandoning the Stafford Campus. Long range planning seems to be disconnected. No plan – just not a plan to do anything else. Everyone else is making decisions that is making an impact.

Trust has been fractured. A part of UMW culture has always been a culture of trust and family. No issues with restructuring necessarily. Assurances are needed about why it needs to happen. “We’re in this together.”

How does it fit into the long-term plans? What happens next? Surely the president’s cabinet has a plan. They need to share it with us.

Recommended that the president do a fireside chat to address these issues.

Communication we did get was very garbled.

Agenda item for upcoming meeting: Representation at UFC and CAS.


c. Spirit day announcement timing (Chris Porter)

Shared email sent to Dr. Searcy.

Judy Kwitnieski shared about the next spirit day on October 16, 2012 at the Employee Appreciation Luncheon.


d. UMW Philharmonic PBS Special (Michael Morley)

Michael Morley passed out a handout about the PBS Special: “A Fiddler’s Holiday”

UMW Philharmonic Concert on October 20, 2012

Action needed in the next week because stations are already planning their holiday schedules.


VI. Committee Reports

a. Activities: Priscilla Sullivan

1. Button Campaign

All S.A.C. members will receive the “Excellent Eagle Employee” button at some point today. When an S.A.C. member sees someone doing something excellent and awards it to the person, they can wear it and eventually turn it in to get a free lunch at Seacobeck.

2. Canned food drive

Eagles in Service

Now through September 29, 2012

If every employee brought one item, we’d have 869 items.

Food will be collected at the Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday – information on the president’s web page.

3. Thanksgiving drive – will probably do something a little different than a canned food drive.

Day of Caring mention by Paul Kay.

Recognition of Priscilla and the outstanding school supply drive.


b. Communications: Andy Rush

1. Virtual Tour Committee

Needed representatives from under-represented areas. Upcoming events, projects, etc. need to be coordinated with Cathy Derecki

What is the virtual tour? Andy showed people how to access it.

Andy also highlighted the S.A.C. webpage and the resources it provides.


c. Elections: Michael Howard

1. Upcoming elections

Simplified to have representation for each classification. October 9 email that introduces the process. October 16 is the kick-off for the election. Nominations begin on October 16. October 29 – November 5: questionnaire and information is on the website. November 12-16 is voting.

Suggestion for S.A.C. testimonials to get people interested in the organization.

Eagle Eye contact is

Would it be possible to kick-off our election on Election Day in November?


VII. Open Floor

Bethany Friesner spoke about Budget Advisory Council. Gave a brief update. Heard from various people around the campus who have budget input and information. If you have budget priority suggestions, please get them to Bethany so she can represent them on the Council.


VIII. Next Meetings

Wed, October 10 Exec Comm Stafford UHall 11:00 – 1:00

Thurs, October 25 Full S.A.C. Stafford Uhall 11:00 – 1:00


Thank you to all the visitors who joined us today!


Motion to adjourn at 11:06 a.m. by Chris Porter. Seconded by Michael Howard. Meeting adjourned at 11:06 a.m.


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