SAC Meeting

SAC Meeting
Agenda /  Minutes
April 21, 2016

Guest Speaker:  Kevin Caffrey, Rita Dunston

Kevin and Rita gave the presentation that they gave at a conference about a month ago.

The average student comes to campus with 3 devices.  Prospective students use a lot of technology (social media) in making the decision about what school to attend.   Admissions uses social media to communicate with students.

Until recently, the Registrar’s Office has used little technology to communicate with students.  They began to explore ways to use social media to interact with students, and began to define ways to refine the role, resources, and reputation of the Registrar’s Office.  Their research found that students spend fewer than 6 minutes per day checking email; the most popular social media tools of students are Facebook and Twitter.

The Registrar’s Office established a Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The Twitter account has been the most active.  They try to share information about the Registrar’s Office – as well as ‘fun’ information.


  • Start with what you know.
  • Establish benchmarks.
  • Include pictures, links.
  • Limit tweets to one (or so) per day.
  • Review analytics.

President’s Report

Michael will be meeting with Design Services soon to develop some publications that will help to get information about the group out to the community.

He attends the President’s Leadership Council and the Budget Advisory Committee.  Outcomes have been positive; both committees have made recommendations on items that have come before them.  The Leadership Team had two major discussion topics: Divestment and the Fitness Center proposed changes.  The Budget Advisory Committee is wrapping up the ‘season’.  Two major concerns:  Staffing at the Talley Center (huge increase in need for services, w/o increase in staff), Faculty salaries, web development, recruiting, major equipment replacement.

Treasurer’s Report

There is approximately $1143 remaining in the budget.



Mixer – The most recent mixer was very poorly attended.

Virginia Public Service Week

  • SAC will set up and man a corn hole game.
    • Wednesday, May 4:
    • Noon – 3:00
  • John will try to get in touch with student activities to borrow the corn hole games.
  • SAC Members should contact John to sign up.


Two members have stepped down (Chris Carl, Bethany Friesner).  Their positions need to be filled.


The first edition of the Newsletter has been distributed.  The next newsletter will go out next week.

EagleEye:  We are trying to increase our involvement in EagleEye.

Speakers:  Christina Eggenberger will speak to the group in May.

Shared Documents:  Content has been migrated to SharePoint, and will be deleted from the shared drive today.

Old Business

Sub-Committee on Bereavement Leave: Contacted 15 Colleges / Universities (see below).  For almost all, Bereavement falls under Family / Personal leave.  Part time employees are generally excluded.  2  private institutions have Bereavement leave and Military Leave.

Contacted 5 Virginia agencies:  Bereavement Leave – Family Personal Leave  – Part-time employees may not earn leave.

Will not make a recommendation to HR to suggest changes in Bereavement Leave.

Agency Coverage Full Time Part Time Should offer Coverage
Germanna Community College Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Virginia Tech University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Northern Virginia Community College Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Virginia Commonwealth University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
George Mason University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
William and Mary University Bereavement leave Yes Yes
James Madison University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Radford University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Old Dominion University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
University of Virginia Family Medical Yes Yes Also Emergency Leave
Washington and Lee University Bereavement leave Yes Yes Also Military Leave
University of Richmond Bereavement leave Yes Yes Also Military Leave
Virginia State University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Christopher Newport University Family Personal Yes NO Yes
Virginia Wesleyan College Family Personal Yes NO Military Leave
Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services Family Personal Yes No Yes
Dept for the Blind and Vision Impaired Family Personal Yes No Yes
DMV Family Personal Yes No Yes
VDOT Family Personal Yes No Yes
Virginia Dept of Health Family Personal Yes No Yes

Lee Hall Operations Committee:  Breaks / Break Rooms:  The meeting was held this morning.  We anticipate a report soon.

Air Conditioning – Facilities:  Has not been installed.  Michael will contact John Wiltenmuth and Rick Pearce to determine where things stand.

New Business:  None

Announcements / Updates

Tuition Reimbursement:  Some have expressed interest in reviving the Tuition Reimbursement program (for programs other than our own as a benefit).  There are no updates on Tuition reimbursement. A higher priority is reinstituting in-band salary adjustments as soon as budget permits.  The Administration & Cabinet are aware of concerns.


Academic Calendar and Closing Issues:  Comp time or overtime will be provided for those who work over the holidays.

Commencement Help:  The Office of Events and Conferencing still needs volunteers for Commencement for the following areas:

  • Stop/Go: pacing graduates entering/leaving the stage
  • Golf Cart drivers
  • VIP Gate

If you are able to assist, please contact Tameka Jalal at or ext: 1087.  Volunteers are expected to arrive at 7:00am on May 7th. Volunteers will finish around 2:00pm.  Priscilla Sullivan is looking for assistance with the Masters’ Graduation.

Orientation Help:   A formal request has not gone out, but we should be aware that volunteers are needed.

June Meeting:  Cancelled.  Members are encouraged to help with Orientation.

SAC Procedures:  We need to be more intentional about when motions are needed following discussion (i.e., we bring up the December closing issue, discuss it, then someone makes motion that SAC does NOT act on it or does NOT have a yes/no answer but asks SAC member blank to get more info or take questions back to Provost)  I feel like some folks sit there a little confused.  We don’t have to make a decision and provide guidance on everything, but we should all agree on who/how/when/what feedback is provided and to whom.  We should be deliberate about stating that items are informational or require action.

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