August Meeting Cancelled

The August 14 meeting is cancelled.


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Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – May 2014

Staff Advisory Council Meeting
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Lee Hall, Room 412
1:00pm – 3pm


Dr. Leah Cox (Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion) addressed the group about her role as an Ombudsperson for the University. Members of the University Community may bring a confidential complaint to Dr. Cox for assistance in resolving an issue. There are many avenues that may be taken in the process. She is not able to change policies, or to force people to do something illegal or against policy.

She is contacted approximately 3 times per month. Some issues are easy to resolve, while others take longer. She feels that her experience as a counselor helps greatly.

Priscilla Sullivan distributed copies of the Defining a Staff Advisory Council Topic of Discussion. The document was reviewed.

Dr. Cox recommends that we contact her if her assistance is needed.

Open Floor

  • Update: Housekeeping / Parking Issues to be discussed during the General meeting. The Executive committee is unsure what has been done through appropriate channels. Concerns:

o   Stipend for employees who use their vehicle.

o   Has parking been approached?

o   Is there a vehicle available?

o   What is the supervisor’s position?

A recommendation to the Housekeeping Supervisor and the President for an additional van was made. The supervisor(s) are not opposed to getting a van – but an official request has not been made.

The loss of the stipend is not an issue of concern.

Additional parking spots are no longer being requested.

Multiple options were explored. The sub-committee feels that the van is the best solution.

The Finance Office advises that the stipends will be terminated if a van is provided.

Bethany moved:

Write a letter to Rick P advising him of the issue of transportation for the housekeepers so that they will be able to do their job effectively.


The letter should include a summary of the work that has been done up to this point.

The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

We currently have $.32. We also have $85 in a Foundation account.

Committee Reports

President’s Report

  • See below.


  • Spirit Friday was announced at the Employee Appreciation Day picnic. Casual Friday / Spirit Friday applies to non-teaching Faculty for the summer. The casual dress / Spirit Friday practice should be put it into a policy. Sabrina will talk with Rick about moving forward with a policy.
  • A form will be used to standardize communication with members of the UMW community.
  • Information about the Atkins Award Winners will be put in Eagle Eye and on the S.A.C. website.
  • The next Excellent Eagle employee has been named.
  • Eagle has Landed: Rita Dunston has Baldwin. Sabrina has received feedback perhaps we should not ask for donations. Suggestion: Change the verbiage to ‘Donations are welcome.’ Priscilla will tweak the wording on the form.
  • Faculty / Staff Mixer – The S. A. C. will partner with the Orientation team for the mixer at the end of the Orientation.
  • The plaque in GW listing Larry Atkins awardees has not been updated since 2012. Priscilla will collect the information (names and pricing) to bring the board current.
  • Virginia Awards are due soon. Priscilla and Sabrina will follow up to determine when the nominations are due. Priscilla will submit the nominations to Jennifer Cooper.





VP Follow-Up Items

Laura will follow up with Sabrina about the online move form.

New Business

  1. The council has been encouraged to consider food/supply collection for the SPCA during times that we aren’t collecting for people. Although there is not a ton of information right now, the idea is that during the months that we are not collecting food for people, we could support the efforts of the local SPCAs to help animals in need.

The local SPCA / Animal Shelters are in need of food / supplies. They are moving to ‘no-kill’ shelters and need additional supplies. Michael will work with the person who suggested the idea and develop a plan to be presented at the June full council meeting.

  1. Policy changes are – at times – better received if suggestions for policy changes come from a collective body.
  1. The President-elect sits on the University Budget Advisory Committee. The suggestion is that the Vice-President participates in these meetings. Mathew will follow up on this.
  1. S. A. C. New Member Orientation – There should be a new-member orientation. Sabrina has a packet of information that was given out in previous years.
  1. Employee Moves – Anika Wilson is responsible for collecting and communicating information about campus moves. The Cabinet has designated representatives to share information with Anika. It is currently unclear on who will get the message(s); Sabrina will follow up to find out this information.
  1. A question about policies relating to those who come in to work when the University is closed was asked. UMW follows the DHRM policy. Sabrina will share specific information about the policy.

Here are the state policies that cover compensation for employees who are required to work when the university is closed. Again this is separate from the university’s snow removal compensation policy. Let me know if you have any other questions.    ( emergency closings)  ( holidays)

  1. Mathew and Priscilla will work up a “quick vote” format for email voting.
  1. A form that standardized communications between the S. A. C. and others has been developed.

S. A. C. President’s report
May 2014

S.A.C. Mixer

The Faculty-Staff mixer at Sunken Well Tavern appears to continue the good spirit of the kick-off event in March. Jane and I were there for the first 45 minutes or so, and were pleased to have the crowd grow to about a dozen before we left.

Dr. Searcy has requested information on the next mixer, as he hopes to advertise it more thoroughly among his staff.

The event was shadowed by worldly events, ‘though. Several people including President and Mrs. Hurley sent regrets as they attended the wake for Bob Erickson, a graduating senior who died quite suddenly just prior to graduation.


The University Budget Advisory Council has posted all their year-long work on the University Faculty Council website. There you can see the effort and result of another committee dedicated to the health of this university.

Employee Appreciation Picnic

Your Staff Advisory Council was able to assist UMW Human Resources in another successful post-Commencement picnic celebrating the contributions of all the UMW staff. This year’s Larry Atkins award winners are Susan Worrell, Erika Spivey, and Melina Downs. Be sure to congratulate them on the recognition of their special contributions.

Respectfully submitted,

Les Johnson

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Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – April 2014

Staff Advisory Council – General Meeting
Thursday, April 17, 2014
Stafford Campus, North Building, Room 127
1:00pm – 3pm

Open Floor

Report:  Housekeeping / Parking Issues

Please read the Housekeepers FFG. After discussion, it was found that more specific information was needed before a recommendation could be made. The Fact Finding Group should go back and ask more specific information, for example: how many tickets have the staff received, how many emergency situations happen a month, did they request the designated parking spot, what is the protocol with Parking Management, etc.

The SAC shouldn’t step into a supervisor/employee situation.

There is concern that the Ombudsman is not being used as option.

Standardized Font: Bethany brought to the Executive Board the article regarding changing your default font to Garamond to save money. Bethany encourages all SAC members to change their default font for non-official correspondence.

April the 24th at 5pm, Sunken Well is the next mixer.

Treasurer’s Report

$303.52 remains in the S. A. C. budget.  $300 is earmarked for the Larry Atkins awards

Committee Reports

President’s Report

See below.


The Eagle Has Landed initiative has taken off. We have received $55 in donations.

A suggestion having year round spirit Fridays where employees can wear UMW gear on Fridays. Possibly a pilot program in the summer.

Larry Atkins awards are coming in; today is the deadline.

May 12th the SAC will have a table at the Employee Appreciation Luncheon


There is a possibility of the Communications committee taking over finding guest speakers for the SAC meetings. The committee thought it was a good idea, so from now on the Communications committee will be responsible for finding guest speakers.


The individual who was approached to fill the vacant classified spot declined. The next person in line has been approached.

VP Follow-Up Items

A little movement has been made regarding the employee move work flow (similar to a Facilities work order). Sabrina has brought it back to Rick Pearce’s attention, and she should be able to provide an update at the next full council meeting.

New Business

None to note.

S. A. C. President’s report
April 2014

Meeting with President Hurley

Vice President Laura Allison and I met with President Hurley in a continuation of the informal meetings begun by S.A.C. President Charles Tate. Laura and I spent a bit more than an hour with President Hurley, chatting about topics including his commitment to the improvement of the UMW image, fund raising efforts, and institution of formal alumni associations.

We talked about the revitalization of the Stafford campus, particularly as it relates to the Nursing Completion program and the National Security degree program, both of which will begin with the Fall semester. Stafford campus is an excellent location for both programs given the classroom availability and the superior parking.

Internal Customer Service, and improving the notification system for internal relocation, continue to be areas of interest for President Hurley. He wants to know when there are breakdowns in the process, and how they are addressed. In that regard, the social aspects of the S.A.C. were applauded. The kick-off of the S.A.C. mixer at Home Team Grill was a delight to both President and Mrs. Hurley, and they look forward to our next mixer at the Sunken Well  (corner of Sunken Road and Hanover Streets).

President Hurley is concerned that his connection to the day-to-day activities of the University is being eroded by the travel schedule that his office demands. He is the ambassador, the public face, of UMW. As such it is his job to promote UMW among his peer institutions, to the General Assembly, and among the alumni however distantly scattered. He views these informal meetings as a way to stay connected in a meaningful, less filtered, way.


The University Budget Advisory Council has completed the task of information gathering about increases to the annual budget. They have prioritized the budget requests and are in the process of readying a presentation to the University Faculty Council.

Hyatt ribbon cutting

As President of the Staff Advisory Council I received an invitation to the ribbon cutting for the Hyatt Place Fredericksburg-Mary Washington. That event was last Friday evening beginning at 6:30 pm. Following presentations from officers of the University of Mary Washington Foundation, the City of Fredericksburg, and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, the assembled guests were treated to self-guided tours of the first- and second-floor amenities. The exercise spaces, restaurant, meeting rooms, courtyard and guest accommodations were all impressive.

Respectfully submitted,
Les Johnson

APRIL 2014

The subject of this report: The three daytime crews that attend to the cleaning of dorms have an issue with traveling from the housekeeping trailer (adjacent to the heating plant) to their different buildings on campus throughout their work day.

After conducting several interviews and gathering information from parties concerned, the Fact Finding Group (FFG) has reached a conclusion regarding the situation with the housekeeping staff (daytime shift).

A number of solutions were brought up to the FFG.

  1.  Increase the number of parking spaces available for housekeeping.
  2.  Reorganize the buildings allotted to the crews so they are closer together.
  3.  Provide golf carts as a means of transportation for the crews.
  4.  Provide vans to the housekeeping staff for their use.

Although solution #1 was the original quick-fix to this problem, it is now accepted that this is not practical.  Parking is already at a premium and there would have to be enough spaces provided for all the crew members.

Even though solution #2 would help with some distance factors, it is not the final answer. As an aside, housekeeping supervision is in the process of organizing the crews into a more efficient distribution of assigned buildings.

The FFG has concluded that either #3 or #4 would be the best possible solutions.

Golf carts have the mobility to transport the crews to and from their destinations and parking would not be limited to vehicle parking spaces only.  Cost would not be as high as a vehicle.  Recharging stations could be installed adjacent to the housekeepers’ trailer.

Vans, as stated in solution #4 is another viable answer to the problem. A van for each of the three crews would: (1) Accommodate the crew personnel and necessary supplies to travel from office and building to building.  (2) They would be able to park in available spaces. (3) The vans would allow for more efficient use of the working day by limiting walking the campus and not expending the staff’s energy where when they reach their buildings where they sometimes climb up to 5 stories to clean.

Although purchasing three vans for housekeeping may be cost prohibitive, one ten person van with a driver could possibly be rotated to suit the needs of the three crews.

As presented, the solution to the parking/mobility problem for the housekeeping staff is not one that will be most eagerly accepted, but is necessary to bring the University up to standard with the other departments and divisions on campus and eliminate the nomadic walks of staff from building to building and to respect these hard working housekeepers., The Staff Advisory Council should recommend that UMW provide transportation in the form of either golf carts or vans for the housekeeping staff.

Respectfully submitted by:

Vicki Sullivan
Barry Buchannan
Paul Kay


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Have you ever heard of the VGEA? The Virginia Government Employee Association is a non-profit association with thousands of active members throughout the Commonwealth working to protect the interests of the Commonwealth’s employees and retirees and to ensure that their needs are addressed. Check out more on their website:

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Leadership UMW

If you’re a full-time member of the UMW community looking for an adventure which will lead to practical working experience, apply for membership in the inaugural cohort for Leadership UMW. Here is an opportunity to improve your leadership skills while learning more about university operations from a business as well as an academic standpoint.

There is a commitment of two or three hours per month outside of your normal working schedule, and you must have at least two years of full time service here to apply. Meet those criteria? Now is the time to act!

Visit for more information and the online application.

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Sharepoint Community Page

Staff Advisory Council Sharepoint Community PageGet the latest Staff Advisory Council news and announcements on our Sharepoint Community Page. You will need to login using your UMW username and password to access the page.

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We’re on Twitter

@UMWSACCheck us out on twitter! Follow us @UMWSAC.

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Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, Feb. 20

The Staff Advisory Council met last week and heard from President Richard Hurley on the latest happenings at UMW. Check out the full meeting minutes below. The next meeting is March 20 in Lee Hall, Room 412. All meetings are open to the greater UMW community.

S A C minutes 2014-02-20 general meeting  (PDF)

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S.A.C. Accepting Nominations for Larry Atkins Award

Larry Atkins

Larry Atkins

The Staff Advisory Council is now accepting nominations for the Larry Atkins award. This award recognizes UMW employees who are the unsung heroes of our offices.  New or seasoned employees, who work tirelessly, often with little formal recognition, can now be honored by their teammates and fellow co-workers. For more information or to submit a nomination, visit the human resources website.

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Thank You, Facilities Services

Letter of Commendation 27Jan14Staff Advisory Council commends the efforts of Facilities Services during the weather-related closing of the UMW Fredericksburg campus from Jan. 21 – 23, 2014. Despite severe cold weather, staff from the shops undertook the task of clearing and making safe for travel the steps, sidewalks, and roadways that connect the administrative buildings, academic buildings, and residence halls of this campus. Facilities’ efforts allowed resident students to continue making their way safely across campus.

Personnel from all shops were engaged around-the-clock in removing snow, chipping away ice accumulation, and spreading ice melt and sand by means of both manual and powered equipment. Those shops are:

Capital Outlay
Construction Services
Fleet Maintenance
General Maintenance
Landscape & Grounds

Coordinating the day-shift/night-shift work, and communicating the on-going needs for snow removal fell principally to three individuals: John Wiltenmuth, Associate VP for Facilities Services; Joni Wilson, Director of Landscape and Grounds; and Daniel Quann, Director of Maintenance. Without their efforts the snow removal work would not have been as effective, or as efficient in returning the university to active status.

On behalf of your Staff Advisory Council,

A. Leslie Johnson, Jr.
President, Staff Advisory Council

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