October 2013 SAC Meeting Minutes

Staff Advisory Council – Executive Council Meeting

Thursday, October 10th

Stafford Campus, North Building – Room 127

1:15pm – 3pm

I. Opening

II. Open Floor

a. Possible extensions for bills, waiving fees, etc. due to the current federal shutdown and the financial fallout for students.

i. Update: Rick Pearce will work with Allyson Moerman to determine how possible students could be affected, and how Finance can/will modify their approach if applicable.

b. Do we know how to handle hostile students? Is there a safety presentation?

c. Concealed Carry permits, discussed in detail who can carry

d. Police, who is responsible for each campus, location, etc?

i. Captain Mark Sandor was available at the Stafford campus to address several of the issues raised by items b., c., and d. above.

III. Treasurer’s Report

a. No Update

IV. Committee Reports

a. Activities

i. Employee Luncheon: Priscilla will present activities and events over the past year

ii. One Can Hope Campaign – everyone bring in one canned good

1. Oct 21st till right before break…every week donations will be taken to local food pantries.

iii. Sign up for New Employee Orientation

iv. New Excellent Eagle Parking Spot process working

v. Colleague Mood Booster – “the eagle has landed”

1. See Pricilla for details

b. Communications

i. Updated website; information on the SAC website now reflects the information on the President’s website

a. Update: upon review of the President’s website, it appears that the Committee Member’s list is out of date. Will find out who is responsible for keeping that page current.

c. Elections

i. Per Janet West: elections Chair met with Pam Lowery on September 24th. Zarca survey is ready to go for nominations. Email will be sent to all employees on October 14th. Paper nominations will be available at Facilities, the museums and at HR. Announcement will be made at the employee luncheon on the 15th. Nominations open for two weeks. PLEASE consider nominating a colleague. We really need nominations for all classifications.

V. VP Follow-Up Items

a. On Call/Duty Phone – Call In

i. Reviewed with Sabrina Johnson and Jose Diaz, returned to HR for additional work.

ii. Update per Sabrina Johnson, Mangers met to go over the draft policy ; Employee Zarca survey mailed this week and due 10 /15

b. Pet Policy

i. Update per Sabrina Johnson, HR has no additional information to share at this time

VI. Old Business

a. SAC Involvement: Fall Staff Event

i. Update from Priscilla Sullivan

1. Update was given. See Activities above.

VII. New Business

a. Green WOW Card Issue

i. HR follow-up, S.A.C. discussed the card availability timeframe be expanded and the cards be placed in a single pool rather than doled out to each department.

ii. UMW received more funding this year; more WOW cards are available

iii. Sabrina will have an update at the next meeting.

iv. What about admin faculty?

v. Update per Sabrina Johnson, WOW card meeting of involved depts. scheduled next week. Update at next meeting with usage data

b. Employee Location Change/Move Checklist/Name Change

i. The list of applicable departments will be sent to HR the week of Sept 23rd. If you have any suggestions, please email them to Laura Allison or Janet West. The list will be attached to the minutes email.

c. New Name Badge Design

i. Will look to Sabrina for an update at the next meeting

d. Spring Meeting Dates

The following dates for the 2014 meetings will fall on the third Thursday of each month. * Annual SAC Retreat will replace the regularly scheduled full council meeting

i. 2014 meeting dates are as follows:

1. January 24th Annual SAC Retreat *

2. February 20th

3. March 20th

4. April 17th

5. May 15th

6. June 19th

7. July 17th

8. August 14th **

9. September 18th

10. October 16th

11. November 20th

12. December 18th

There will be discussions beginning in April about which summer meeting to cancel.


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