Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2016

Guest Speaker

Anand Rao addressed the group.  He welcomes the opportunity to find ways that Faculty and Staff can collaborate.

He has been involved with Faculty governance for a number of years.  Information about the current structure are available at  There is an excellent repository of information.  The UFC is made up of 18 Faculty members from across the University; members serve 3 year terms.

The UFC wants to be open and transparent, but don’t want to have the information easily available to the external community.  A meeting agenda, meeting summary, video recordings of meetings, and final copies of final minutes are posted on their web site.

Each group is asked to submit a report for review and discussion, rather than presenting full reports during meetings.

Dr. Rao opened discussion about how to increase partnerships / collaboration between the UFC and SAC.

Dr. Rao is suggesting that the UFC add an ex-officio member to the UFC.  The consensus is that this is a positive idea.  There is also interest in having the SAC represented at BOV meetings.

  • We will start this effort by including a summary of the minutes on the UFC agenda.
  • We will invite (via the UFC) Faculty to participate in Mixers and other events.
  • Encourage use of the Faculty / Staff Dining Hall.
  • It was suggested that we partner with UFC to hold mini-forums, discussing issues of concern to Faculty and Staff.


Engagement Assessment Forums: Michael reported on the Engagement Assessment forums.  They were well-attended.  Feedback that Faculty and Staff shared has been valuable.

Staff Luncheon:  Attendance at the staff luncheon was excellent.  All appeared to enjoy the event.

Leadership Council / Engagement Assessment Committee:  The committee who is working on the Engagement Assessment project made a presentations to the Leadership Council.  It was well-received.  The group will be meeting in November to begin the development of action plans.

Vice President’s Report

UBAC Meetings

  • Paino discussed budget philosophies and priorities
  • Volatile budget situation in Richmond is pretty typical – THE NEW NORMAL
  • Need to concentrate on long term trends, not year to year flux
  • Budget for REALISITIC enrollment targets
  • Rebuild budget reserves
  • When asked about out of state enrollment growth Paino said we can grow it, but it’s not a budgetary silver bullet
  • Growing international would require growth in support for international students also
  • Long lasting MOU’s with international institutions is more successful
  • Although fac/staff fees at the Fitness Center are off of the table, we will likely see another Fitness Center survey
  • If you currently go to the gym, make sure you’re swiping in so that data is accurate
  • Campus Rec/Fitness Center business plan showing less than $17,000 needed for expanded Fitness Center hours, additional F/S programming and towel service
  • Suggestion to just reallocate budget in Student Affairs areas to cover this!
  • If Wellness is an important initiative then reallocate!
  • If we charge for Fitness Center, then what’s next – parking, fac/staff dining, etc

Lee Hall Break Room

No additional information is available.  It seems that there are few viable options.  Julie plans to follow up.


Plans are beginning to be made for the retreat.  Hold the date: January 20, 2017.

Staff Council Forum at VCU

Julie and Michael are attending this meeting next week.  Others are welcome if they would like to attend.


Food Drive:  The Food Drive is underway.  We have turned in 83 pounds of food..

Chili Cook-Off:  We look forward to the Chili Cook-Off in March.  We’re looking at March 7.

Be a Santa to a Senior:  The BUGs have invited us to participate in the Be a Santa to a Senior initiative.  Participants will get a wish list from a senior who is affiliated with Home Instead, an assisted living facility.  UMW volunteers are needed to purchase gifts, to donate wrapping paper, and to wrap gifts.  Those who are interested in participating should let Sarah Carroll know.

Eagle Madness:  We have been invited to participate in Eagle Madness.  Sarah & Michael are meeting with the committee, and will provide more details.

Mixer:  There will be a mixer on November 15 from 4:00 – 6:30.  Employees will be encouraged to attend the UMW Basketball game that begins at 7:00.


All SAC members are encouraged to nominate potential members.  Nominations close on Friday, October 28.


Newsletter:  The next newsletter goes out on October 26.

Speaker:  Kevin Bartram will speak to us in November.

We discussed alternate means of communication (i.e. text, Twitter, Facebook).

The website has been updated to include Atkins Award nominees, a form for Excellent Eagle Employees, and


$300 + FICA – Larry Atkins Award


A group of SAC members will meet in the Faculty – Staff Dining Hall in early November to give staff an opportunity to share their thoughts, suggestions, etc.

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