Meeting Minutes – November 2016

November 17, 2016

Guest Presenter:

Dr. Bartram, Philharmonic Director, spoke to the group.  The group is comprised of students, as well as of members of the Fredericksburg community.  They have taken a number of trips abroad, are proud of scholarships that are awarded to students, are committed to improving the orchestra, and offer 4 large concerts each year


Clicks have increased.  The next deadline is November 30.

President’s Report

The President’s Leadership Team met yesterday (11/16) to continue the development of tasks that are designed to improve the engagement level of staff.

Vice President’s Report

Retreat:  The 2017 retreat is scheduled for January 20 at the Stafford Campus.  We’re working on the program, as well as details about lunch.

Fac/Staff Dining:  In an effort to improve communication and visibility, SAC members will select a day when several members will eat in the dining hall.  During the discussion, a question was asked:  Can we bring our own food in?

SAC & UFC Collaboration:  To improve communication, and to increase awareness of what issues face different groups, an SAC member will serve as a non-voting member of the UFC.  The next meeting is on November 30 at 3:30 in the HCC.  Julie Smith moved that we include a member from the UFC as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the SAC.  The motion was seconded, and unanimously approved.

The UFC web site is:  Meetings are open.  They video their meetings.  See  You will have to provide your net ID and password.

In the September UFC Meeting Video, Dr. Paino outlines his priorities.  Dr. Paino is working with the cabinet and UFC to look at data to drive decision making.  A dashboard of indicators is being put together.

Of interest are comparison groups – who should we be comparing those indicators with.  Dr. Levin is working to identify our comparison groups – public, private, in-state, out.  Data will then be used to determine where we’re doing well, where we’re not, and Is our academic profile what we want it to be

The master plan is being updated.  Rick Pearce is leading that effort.

Diversity action plan is being developed.

The goal is to create a FY18 budget that aligns with strategic goals.  Efforts will be made to rebuild reserves, create room in our budget to make strategic investments, take more ownership as it relates to salaries (particularly for faculty – we don’t have as much control over Classified salaries due to state regulations.

  • Future not particularly bright for state funding of higher ed (nationally); state knows we have another revenue stream, AND state is not required to fund higher ed. Required to fund K-12, Medicaid, prisons.  WE/UMW will have to take more responsibility for funding and not wait for state to solve the problem
  • Hire Exec Director of Continuing Education – to grow nursing program, grow certificate programs, continuing educations, etc
  • Address salary challenges; lots of work to do
  • SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Create a vision for the University

January all UMW meeting will be more substantive than the August meeting.  Encourage people to attend.

Investment Committee:  Charles Tate will serve as the SAC representative on the Investment Committee.  The group is charged with reviewing options that are available for faculty and staff.  The group’s first meeting is on December 9.

Lee Hall Breakroom Update:  The Lee Hall Operations Committee and Student Affairs are discussing the issue of where to put a break room.  Julie Smith recommends sending a letter to leaders of the committees, copying Rick Pearce and Juliette Landphair, urging them to resolve the issue.  Julie will write / send the letter.          

Staff Council Forum At VCU:  Julie Smith attended the Staff Council Forum at VCU.  She feels that it was a very worthwhile and informative meeting.

Highlights of some of the presentations:

Shared Governance

  • Is not decision making
  • Is not veto power
  • IS input
  • Is not consultation after decision is made
  • IS deep real communication and consultation prior to decision making
  • VCU has a University Council that approves policy, etc. prior to it going to the cabinet.
  • That council is made up of faculty, staff, student, administrators
  • The University Council is chaired by VCU’s President.
  • VCU Staff Senate sends a representative to the BOV meeting.
  • The Staff Senate is represented on all major committees on campus


  • Information is vital in shared governance; get info and share info; give and take
  • Leadership of staff senate needs to meet with University leadership regularly
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Keep an eye on the priorities of your institution

Campus Climate

  • Staff can make a difference!
  • Let’s educate America’s future – Economic development of US depends on it
  • Be aware of students as individuals
  • Be helpful and supportive
  • Don’t let 1 student fall thru the cracks
  • Make sure every touch point is a positive experience
  • No run around; if you can’t help take the student/parent to the person who can help
  • There are personal benefits. It’s rewarding to help others

DHRM Website  –

  • Debbie Rigdon from DHRM went over the Presentation to some of the General Assembly members regarding pay. The info is a bit depressing, but it’s great to know that DHRM is keeping this in front of the General Assembly
    • Higher Ed employees are included in the executive category
    • Over half of executive category employees are higher ed
    • Great concern over the # and % of employees eligible for retirement in 5 years or less
  • For information on compensation visit the HR Policy page of the DHRM website, go to 3.05 compensation management.

Civility & Diversity

  • Shauna Davis, from VCCS, served as the presenter
  • How can staff assist with experiential learning
    • Internships
    • Put 1 – 2 students on staff council to teach them real world business collaboration and problem solving
    • Have a student create a brochure for SAC
  • Know your funding sources
    • You must know this in order to push agenda forward and influence decisions
  • Civility
    • Respect, trust, open dialogue, professionalism
    • Create the environment YOU WANT
    • Don’t wait for administrations to mandate changes or to change themselves
    • Make sure you create that university that we all hear about in the ads and brochures
  • Evolution vs revolution
  • Be a group that is part of the decisions and policies and not just a group that celebrates
  • Put forth agenda items with
    • Professionalism
    • Data
    • Ties to mission

Other staff council information and ideas

  • Is staff council represented on Title IX committee?
  • Is socio economic status (SES) part of our diversity plan?
  • Get back to senate values & mission before attacking issues.

 UBAC:  Rick Pearce and Paul Messplay presented revised 2016-2017 budget information.  We expect 26 % funding from state appropriations (General Fund, GF – $31,564,223), with 74 % of funding from student fees (Non General Fund, NG – $88,610,453).  Over 50% of our budget is salaries and fringes, so naturally, IF IF IF IF there are cuts it’s likely in staff.  There are no cuts or a hiring freeze at this time!

Anytime that the state approves salary increases, the state only supports about 50% of higher ed’s salary increases.  Universities must support the rest with non-general funds (tuitions, comp fees, room, and board).  The state doesn’t allow across the board raises for classified employees.  The state is not really happy that some higher education institutions went forward with salary increases and bonuses.  There is a feeling that our VRS support was cut due to that.

There are revenue changes to original budget — $314,000 cut in VRS support, $50,000 decrease due to withholding of credit card rebate and interest on funds held at the state level.

There are increased expenses for FY17; we need to annualize our FY16 raises, FY17 raises and bonuses, fringe benefit expense increase.

The President’s FY17 Initiatives are:

  • Salary increases
  • Talley Center Counselor
  • Title IX Investigator – Federal mandate
  • Center for Business Research – governor’s mandate
  • Men’s & Women’s Golf

The President’s initiatives going forward are:

  • Address salaries annually
  • Permanent marketing money
  • How will we fund?
  • Grow graduate programs MBA, MED, Masters in Nursing
  • Grow certificate and professional development programs
  • Online?

Capital projects that are planned:

  • Jepson addition and renovation – paid with state funds
  • Seacobeck renovation – paid with state funds
  • Battleground – student fees (beautiful bright blue track)
  • Amphitheatre – privately funded
  • Res Hall Renovations – student fees (ResHalls main concern of Paino – per UFC meeting video)
  • Underground utilities – part state and part student fees
  • Maintenance Reserve – pd with state funds

The Governor will release a revised budget in December; the 2017 General Assembly will review it.

UMW will hold 2017-18 room and board discussions/approval at November BOV meeting.

University Budget development will be discussed by the BOV in the Spring.  Tuition and fees rates approved at May meeting.

Six Year Plan:  The UBAC members will provide input.  The BOV will hold a discussion in the Spring/

What about the strategic reallocation study?  Info from that study will be reviewed prior to any necessary budget cuts.  Not much in that study screamed GET RID OF THIS PROGRAM.

The Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ) was sent to individuals who were admitted but didn’t accept.  Results from the last few years was shared with Dr. Paino in September.  The results are ‘not pretty’.  We need to give the campus a wakeup call.  Paino feeling sense of urgency to change things after seeing the ASQ results.

  • Academic reputation ranked lower than our competition on the survey. The perception of our academic reputation is low
  • Perception of our reputation with employers ranked lower than competition
  • NOT TRUE, but lower than our competition. Perception is their reality!

What is amazing about Mary Washington?  Members of the campus community should send the President’s Office your success stories.  Those who have relationships with employers who speak highly of our graduates, let us know who they are.  We need more CEOs talking highly of our graduates.  If you keep in touch with former students, let us know their success stories.  We should hear specific stories from Peace Corps volunteers.  There is a lot of work to do.  LET’S DO IT.



Food Drive:  The Food Drive is underway.  The first delivery of food was made last week.

Chili Cook-Off:  We look forward to the Chili Cook-Off in March.

Be a Santa to a Senior:  The BUGs have invited us to participate in the Be a Santa to a Senior initiative.  Participants will get a wish list from a senior who is affiliated with Home Instead, an assisted living facility.  UMW volunteers are needed to purchase gifts, to donate wrapping paper, and to wrap gifts.



Elections have been closed.  New SAC members have been notified, as have those who did not win.


No change.

Old Business

It is anticipated that air conditioning will be installed in the shop areas at Facilities.

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