March 2013 S.A.C. Meeting Minutes

Staff Advisory Council – General Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday March 13, 2013

Woodard, Meeting Room 1

1:15pm – 3pm

I. Opening , Sign in Sheet

II. Open Floor

III. Guest Speaker: Tim O’Donnell SACS Site Visit


a. SACS = Southern Association for Colleges and Schools

b. Peer Review process as opposed to Federal Regulators

c. UMW was last affirmed in 2003

d. Affirmation hopefully in 2013

e. September submitted Compliance Report

i. Examples of items included in this report include:

1. Accreditation of Faculty

2. Square footage of buildings

3. Policies and Procedures

f. Focused Report

i. Is UMW serious about goals

ii. How are we achieving those goals

iii. Assessments

g. SACS will visit campus April 14th

i. First meeting Monday morning, the 15th

ii. UMW will get a list of individuals the SACS committee wants to meet with

iii. They want to know what we did in order to support the Compliance Report

iv. Leave April 17th

v. Significant time on campus will be focused on the ‘Enhancement Plan’

vi. They will walk around campus and ask, “what is the QEP”?

vii. Every freshman will be required to take the first year seminar

viii. Transfer students will not be required to take this seminar

h. UMW should feel good about where we are in the process

IV. Guest Speaker: Douglas Noble

a. Unable to attend

V. Treasurer’s Report

a. We have not spent any money

VI. Committee Reports

a. Activities

a. Teacher Supply Refresh Drive

b. March 4th – 28th

c. Make sure your collection box is out

i. Perhaps list the items needed on or near the box

ii. Create a sign

b. Communications

a. A meeting has not happened yet

b. Talked about at the Executive Committee meeting, a Liaison is needed to keep up on the statuses on the many SAC initiatives and outstanding items

c. Status updates would be on the SAC website

d. Lisa Ames will be our designated Liaison, and perhaps a second individual

c. Elections

a. Nominations will kick of October 16th, run through October 28th

b. Open Elections on November 7th – 18th

c. Confirm Results prior to the announcement going out in the EagleEye on the 22nd

VII. Old Business

a. Consultants Concerns

i. Concerns brought to Bethany’s attention were shared with President Hurley

ii. The process used to make taskforce selection was discussed

1. Each VP submitted a list from their area as possible representatives

2. President Hurley, had ultimate authority and picked from that list

iii. SAC still has concerns about the individuals who are on the taskforces

iv. The consultant group will look broadly at each area

v. The question was asked, “how are the University’s fears being communicated”

vi. FAC, SAC, SAG clarifications are needed

vii. Consultant comes in March 27th

b. Staff Discount on bookstore items

i. 15% New Employee discount

ii. Coupons would be given to HR

iii. No expiration date

iv. New discount is already in place

v. Bookstore unable to provide a monthly employee discount aside from the special employee days each semester

c. Wage Employee Update from Sabrina Johnson

i. Conference call between HR across the state

ii. Director of SHEV

iii. Secretary of EDU met with Sarah Wilson (DRHM) to talk about Higher Ed

iv. Letter from AG talking about how Higher Eds are different

v. Met with deans specifically about adjuncts

vi. The commonwealth will be a ‘single employer’

d. Snow Removal Policy

i. Implemented the policy; currently in the ‘pilot phase’





VIII. New Business

a. Table Drape

i. To be used for SAC events

ii. Small Vendors were identified

iii. Received a quote for $165

iv. Michael M. will talk to Design Services about the artwork they already have on file

b. Virginia Service Week

i. Occurs the week of commencement

ii. Members are encouraged to submit ideas for Virginia Service Week

iii. Larry Atkins award nominations going to the State

c. Duty Phone – Call in

i. Sabrina identified offices that would be good to survey regarding their practices

ii. UMW must be in compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act

iii. HR will talk to other State agencies to see what their practices are

d. Member responsible for following up on outstanding SAC issues

i. This is addressed under the Communications Committee’s update


IX. Next Meetings:


Executive Council Meeting

Links 301

March 27, 2013

1:15pm – 3pm


Full Council Meeting

Stafford Campus, North Building, Room 217

April 10, 2013

1:15 – 3pm


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