June 2013 S.A.C. Meeting Minutes

Staff Advisory Council – General Council Meeting

Wednesday June 5, 2013

Lee Hall, 412

1:15pm – 3pm

I. Opening

II. Open Floor

III. Treasurer’s Report

a. No money has been spent since our last meeting

IV. Committee Reports

a. Activities

i. Activity ideas:

1. Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, etc, have a SAC table and hand out buttons, flags, etc.

2. #1 Fan. Go to the HR website and nominate a UMW employee for being a #1 Fan

3. Staff Yard Sale: Jefferson Square, give the proceeds to a charity

4. Faculty vs. Staff softball pick-up game

5. Clubs lead by staff members, i.e. a walking club, canoeing club, mahjong club

6. Buddy System for new employees

7. SAC donating time to local charities

8. Sponsor group trips

9. Fall Employee Luncheon: having a table with items to give away

10. Halloween Party in the Underground: proceeds go to a charity

a. Costume contest

11. Scavenger hunt

ii. Please provide Pricilla feedback and additional ideas

b. Communications

i. The website will be getting updated

c. Elections

i. Hiatus until September

V. Guest Speakers will discuss Veteran Services: Dan Nelson & Golda Eldridge

a. There are about 200 individuals using GI benefits at UMW

b. Nationwide, Veterans make up about 4% of the higher education population

c. No real support structure here at UMW for student Veterans; no Veteran’s office exists at UMW

d. Trying to get general Veteran demographics here at UMW

e. A Student Veteran organization is being created

i. You do not have to be a student nor a Veteran to participate

f. Lea Cox will be contacted for an official University response as to what the University’s position is on this, and SCHEV’s mandate


g. See attachments attached to minutes email for additional information

VI. Old Business

a. Member(s) responsible for following up on outstanding SAC issues

i. Two changes to the constitution

1. See attachment

ii. Voted; motion to amend the constitution passed

b. Table Drape

i. Ready to be ordered

ii. $165 total

c. On Call/Duty Phone – Call In

i. Blank survey will be provided to the President and Vice President so that we can see what questions were asked

ii. No concern about the Administration managing the topic, but the concern lies with not being in the loop and the policy falling flat

iii. 10 to 12 surveys sent out; survey data was collected

iv. Policies have been collected from other institutions

v. Staff Advisory Council would like to review the policy prior to it being made public

d. Staff Advisory Council Talking Points

i. Made edits to the draft talking points

ii. Voted; passed

e. University Policy on Ethical Business Practices

i. Feedback SAC provided was considered

VII. New Business

a. Veteran Services

i. See the above notes under Guest Speaker

b. New Meeting date starting in the fall semester, Tuesday or Thursday

i. Majority ruled in favor in Thursday

ii. Starting in September

iii. Bethany will send out calendar appointments

Other business:

The Pet Policy will be added to new business again

State is giving a base increase in July 25th, first August 16th paycheck

• 2%; $65 per year compression

• AP/Teaching faculty gets a 3% increase

• Wage get 2% increase

• Performance is a factor

Stafford Campus vs. Fredericksburg campus: will schedule one General Council meeting in the fall


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