July 2013 SAC Meeting Minutes

Staff Advisory Council – General Council Meeting

Wednesday July 10th

Lee Hall, 412

1:15pm – 3pm

I. Opening

II. Open Floor

a. Announcement – Abbie McGhee

i. Abbie is leaving us; her husband has taken a position in Missouri

III. Treasurer’s Report

a. No update – Treasurer wasn’t able to attend the meeting

IV. Committee Reports

a. Activities

i. No update – Committee Chair unable to attend

b. Communications

i. No update – Committee Chair unable to attend

c. Elections

i. Will look for a replacement for Abbie’s SAC seat (classified position)

ii. The Elections Committee report will be attached to the meeting minutes email

V. Old Business

a. Veteran Services

i. There is a meeting scheduled for next week, July 18th in Lee 414 if anyone would like to attend.

ii. Remove from Old Business going forward

b. Member(s) responsible for following up on outstanding SAC issues

i. Vice President is responsible for this

ii. Secretary serves as a back-up

iii. Remove from Old Business going forward

c. Table Drape

i. The Treasurer has been given access to the SAC FOPAL, and it will be ordered ASAP

d. On Call/Duty Phone – Call In

i. No update.

ii. A Motion was called: “In all issues brought to SAC, the SAC will provide questions and hard deadlines to the individuals the information presented to in written format”.

iii. Motion seconded

iv. The vote: an unanimous yes

e. Staff Advisory Council Talking Points

i. Are they on the webpage yet?

ii. Remove from Old Business going forward

f. University Policy on Ethical Business Practices

g. Remove from Old Business going forward

VI. New Business

a. Pet Policy

i. SAC decided to send the policy back to HR

ii. Document has areas of inconsistency and errors. Some thoughts:

1. Is the policy in violation of ADA?

2. Should be run by our ADA prior to SAC re-review

b. Supporting Wellness Among the UMW Staff – Dr. Ray Tuttle

i. The Wellness Team is trying to reach out to faculty and staff

ii. Healthy Campus 2020 – handout will be attached to the minutes email

iii. Flu Clinics

iv. Physical and Emotional health are both important

v. Please share any ideas or programs that faculty and staff would be interested in. Suggestions were made:

1. More convenient times for the exercise classes

2. Fitness equipment at the Stafford Campus

3. Weight Watchers at Work group at the Stafford Campus

4. Exercise at your desk program (a five min program)

vi. Current Fitness Center hours 11am -7pm (summer hours)

vii. Fitness Center will be closed July 26th – August 18th for maintenance

c. Enterprise Scheduling System

i. SAC will send President Hurley a message thanking him for the information, and offer up advisory services if needed in the future. Would love to be part of the feedback phase.



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