July 2012 Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Staff Advisory Council

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fredericksburg Campus, Lee Hall 412

I. Opening

Role Call


II. Speaker: Anna Billingsley

University Branding and Marketing Efforts

A brand audit was conducted.

Input from a wide variety of stakeholders and external groups

Handout – brand platform

Brand personality – intellectual, innovative, passionate, genuine

Full support from the BOV


Campaign running less than six months


Branding and marketing goals: increase awareness, build prestige, position UMW as a leader, create a brand buzz


It exists so that we speak with continuity about who we are, that we are speaking with the same voice.


Print sprocket – a library of branded templates. Email AJ Newell if you want to be a beta user.


III. Treasurer’s Report

No requests for funding; no money has been spent.


IV. Old Business

a. Great Place to Work – Janet West, Melina Downs, BethanyFriesner, Keith Mellinger

Conference committee formed to look at data that involved S.A.C. members and University Faculty Council. Lead by Judy Kwitnieski in HR. Get bullet points for inclusion here.

Task forces will be developed.


b. Definition of an SAC Issue – Christina (handout)

Review of handout. Some suggestions for changing the flow chart as shared.


Christina will make changes as recommended.

Review meeting minutes from UFC and Faculty Senate so we can be a bit more proactive.


V. New Business

a. Parking recommendation – Randolph parking lot

Parking over in the deck does not give visitors “front door” access to the University. Construction on campus walk will make it even more difficult for individuals to navigate their way to Lee Hall.

Motion passed unanimously and a letter will be drafted to Rick Pearce with a heads up to Erma Baker and Robin Jones.

b. Holiday 2013 designation

Which two of the following three holiday options are most preferred? The President has two days of leave to grant to make two of the three options below possible.

  • Friday, January 4, 2013 (to give us 2 full weeks off for winter break 2012. The Governor added a day last week) -or-
  • Friday, July 5 (following July 4, 2013) –or-
  • Monday, March 4 (Monday of spring break 2013)


Majority chose January 4, 2013 and July 5, 2013.


VI. Committee Reports

Committee questions from Milton (handout from Activities)


a. Activities

1. August 2012 school supply drive for Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School. Tax free days are August 3-5.

2. Button campaign kickoff in August

3. Bring a Friend to S.A.C. – September 26th

4. Day of Caring – September 14, 2012


b. Communications


c. Elections

How can you, as part of the S.A.C., help make UMW a “great place to work?”


VII. Next Meetings

Mon, Sept. 10 Exec Comm F’Burg Lee 412 9:15-11:15

Wed, Sept. 26 Full S.A.C. F’Burg Red Room 9:15-11:15



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