Excellent Eagles!

July 2017 – Brian Ogle
Congratulations to Brian Ogle, SAC’s Excellent Eagle for July!

In nominating Brian, his champion wrote:
“In just over a year of working at UMW, Brian has done a fantastic job in the Registrar’s Office! He’s calm, even-keeled, and always eager to assist with and resolve problems as they arise. Not only is Brian a very effective leader in the Registrar’s Office, but he has also has established great relationships with staff and faculty. This past spring, he developed and hosted a series of well-received Banner Self Service open labs for faculty. As nearly everyone on campus knows, stressful situations make their way to the Registrar’s Office on a regular basis — having Brian on our team guarantees that these situations are going to be handled the right way.”

June 2017 – Brittany Miller
Congratulations to Brittany Miller, SAC’s Excellent Eagle for June!

In nominating Brittany, her champion wrote:
“Brittany Miller came into procurement in the part time role of a customer service advocate. She quickly learned the ropes of contract renewals and was always happy to help assist with any project. When staffing was challenged and when promoted to full-time, she rose to fill the role of SPCC Program Administrator and in no time learned the ins and outs of the program and has been doing an excellent job in that role since. And all this while continuing to handle her previous duties as the customer service advocate. She also helps in many other aspects of procurement including vendor coordination and outreach, event planning, etc. even though not a contract officer herself. She has definitely become an invaluable member of our team. Thank you for all you do for us and more!”

May 2017 – Mary Frances Gallagher
Congratulations to Mary Frances Gallagher, SAC’s Excellent Eagle for May!

In nominating Mary, her champion wrote:
“In Mary Frances’ first year, she has worked non-stop to ensure that she does a thorough inventory of all assets. She has gone out of her way to make sure that all assets are tagged and correctly listed in Banner. Outstanding job!”

April 2017 – Carla Bailey
Congratulations to Carla Bailey, SAC’s Excellent Eagle for April!

In nominating Carla, her champion wrote:
“I am currently working on a big project: an annotated critical edition of a novel by Chilean writer José Donoso, which would be absolutely impossible to accomplish without the constant support and help of our Interlibrary Loan staff, and most particularly, of Mrs. Carla Bailey. The materials I am requesting are in many cases extremely hard to get, as they correspond to specific editions that were published in Spanish, in the sixties and seventies, either in Mexico or Spain. I would like to share here an example of how far Mrs. Bailey can go in order to assist faculty: after trying by all means to obtain an article I requested through interlibrary loan with no positive result, she decided to contact the author, to request if she could provide a copy of it. As a result, I have the article I needed, and I also feel that she has my back. Mrs. Bailey went far beyond her duties, and I am truly thankful for her professionalism and willingness to help.”

January 2017 – April Peterson
Congratulations to April Peterson, SAC’s Excellent Eagle for January!

In nominating April, her champion wrote:
“April should be recognized for the work she has done providing technical solutions for the Admissions and Financial Aid offices. She has become an expert on the business of recruiting students, offering acceptance and enabling scholarship applications. Her knowledge has helped her build effective integration between Banner and other systems. She often advises these business areas of ways they can improve their processes. April has built exceptional customer relationships and always gives service with a smile.”

November 2016 – Jean Elliot
Congratulations to Jean Elliot, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for November!

In nominating Jean, her champion wrote:
“I would like to nominate Jean Elliott, Parking Management Supervisor, for the Excellent Eagle award.  I received a phone call today from an 66-year old adult full-time student who wanted to let people know how Jean Elliott went above and beyond the call of duty to help her this week.  She has a leg injury and was having extreme pain and difficulty trying to get back and forth to her classes from the George Washington lot.  On short notice, Jean picked the student up and delivered her to her class, and then made special arrangements for her and added an additional reserved spot close to the student’s classes.”

October 2016 – Tommy Pack
Congratulations to Tommy Pack, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for October!

In nominating Tommy, his champion, wrote:
“Tommy is the brain behind the Help Desk. Whenever I call x2255, he has the answer for how to get things working right. Whether I talk to the student aides or him, and whether the issue is e-mail, classroom technology, a software update, or anything else, Tommy can tell me how to fix it. He’s always patient and friendly. Even better, he’s a natural teacher: someone who doesn’t just fix things but also teaches me how to fix things for myself next time around!”

September 2016 – Lucy Quann
Congratulations to Lucy Quann, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for September!

In nominating Lucy, her champions wrote:
“Lucy cheerfully supports the entire COB faculty and staff, making sure we have everything we need to deliver a quality business education to our students.  In addition to her day-to-day activities, she managed the packing, move and unpacking from our 2.5 year home on the second floor of George Washington Hall to renovated Woodard Hall back in December.  She is passionate about serving our students and does whatever she can to ensure that the College of Business brand is represented as we want it to be!  I’ve seen her picking up trash and resetting a classroom in advance of a Destination Day visit to our class.  She knows who to call on campus when we have needs and has ferociously negotiated with vendors to get us the best price when we are in the market to purchase an item.  While the least favorite part of her job involves paying bills, she perseveres and get its done!  We are fortunate to have her and think she deserves to be recognized for her efforts!”

August 2016 – Anika Wilson
Congratulations to Anika Wilson, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for August!

In nominating Anika, her champion wrote:
“Among her many duties is handling insurance requests and claims. Her tenacity and skill at preparing and negotiating payments from the State’s self-insurance fund for damages to University property has exceeded $150,000 over the past 1.5 years. These claims are complex and involve a tremendous amount of research and specialized compilation. The agents she deal with at the Division of Risk Management who handle claims are very tough reviewers and negotiators. Anika has willingly stepped into this role and taken the initiative to learn the “ropes” on her own and develop a strong skill set!”

July 2016 – Kate Wheeler
Congratulations to Kate Wheeler, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for July!

In nominating Kate, her champion wrote:
“Kate is the Director of Advancement Services and in that role she is the key person responsible for all donations received by the University. Kate is an amazing wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share that knowledge and experience with newer employees, such as myself. Kate is the ‘go to’ person for anyone in University Advancement, Athletics, Theatre, etc. when it comes to assisting staff and donors with donations. When there are budget cuts or someone out on leave, Kate keeps plugging along and keeps everything running smoothly without complaint. Kate can do it all!”

June 2016 – Erika Spivey
Congratulations to Erika Spivey, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for June!

In nominating Erika, her champion wrote:
“Erika is the assistant director of media and public relations in the University Relations office. She is a true powerhouse, handling a vast array of projects with the highest levels of competence, panache, and grace, no matter what roadblocks might come at her. She’s a consummate professional, a wonderful teacher, and a true inspiration. If you want to get something done, make sure Erika is involved!”

May 2016 – Tracey Funtanilla
Congratulations to Tracey Funtanilla as the Excellent Eagle Employee for May!

In nominating Tracey, her champion wrote:
“Tracey is a great team member of the Accounting Department who is always willing to step in and assist when & where she is needed. She often provides support to the Cashier’s Office in addition to maintaining her own tasks. She communicates and coordinates with other departments which exemplifies good internal customer service. Tracey always seeks to expand her knowledge and skills while also sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. UMW Finance is fortunate to have Tracey on staff!”

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