2015 Staff Advisory Council Nominations

Administrative/Professional Faculty

Kevin Caffrey, Registrar’s Office

“I have been serving on the Staff Advisory Council for the past three years.  It is an integral part of UMW and it would be an honor to continue to contribute to an organization that not only helps the campus community but also the Fredericksburg community.”




Administrative Professional Undergraduate Admissions

Christopher Carl, Undergraduate Admissions

“I believe I can bring a different approach to Staff Advisory Council that will represent all staff members across all roles and be a voice for all. With a proven track record of creative ideas and student advocating I can bring that to the Staff level.




D. Christy Pack, Graduate Admissions

D. Christy Pack, Graduate Admissions

“I am interested in serving on the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) to support and implement the ideas and recommendations of our collective workforce that will foster progress, increase communication, heighten moral and increase the level of service we provide to our students and to each other.  I will advocate the SAC to be a source of reality and perception to the new President.  In collaboration with the new President, the SAC will be essential in creating awareness across all campuses for projects & initiatives and serving as a voice for staff, while encouraging employee participation and teamwork throughout the UMW community.”                                                                   

Classified Staff


Sarah Carroll, TESS-Finance

“I am able to provide and relate to a variety of perspectives at the University. I was first employed at the University as a wage employee and am currently employed as a classified employee. I am pursuing my MBA at UMW so I also understand the student perspective and importance of the University Tuition Waiver program.

If elected, I would support current and future University programs and work promote the collaboration and teamwork between departments, other committees and student organizations.

To boost university morale, and to promote collaboration I would like increase participation in campus wide programs and volunteer opportunities at the University and within the Fredericksburg community.”


Classified College of Business

Andrea Cordray, College of Business

“My position as Student Support and Outreach Coordinator has allowed me to develop strong relationships with many faculty and staff members across campus. If selected, I will bring a thoughtful, creative and collaborative approach to the SAC.  It would be great to get involved and help all UMW staff feel that their opinions are recognized, appreciated and considered. The coming year will be pivotal in terms of working with the new president as he/she transitions into their new role. This is the ideal time for the SAC to build a strong rapport with leadership and work together to exchange ideas and enhance the university culture from an employee perspective.”



Shannon Hauser, Simpson Library (Classified)

Shannon Hauser, Simpson Library

“I’d like the opportunity to serve on SAC because I believe I can be an effective advocate for staff concerns  and also bring creative ideas to continue to improve the services SAC provides. With a new incoming President it will be important that they are aware of and take seriously the mission of SAC as advocates of staff interests. Additionally, a new President will come in with new ideas and goals that will need critiquing as well as support and SAC should be an integral part of this process. “



Les Johnson, Capital Outlay (Classified)

Les Johnson, Capital Outlay

“UMW’s Staff Advisory Council provides the opportunity to influence decision making at our institution, and I want to be part of that process. This body, like similar organizations at the state and federal levels, should be one that is connected to their constituents, capable of hearing overarching points of interest from all staff members, and providing UMW’s President with thoughtful, well-reasoned advise.

Members elected during this cycle will experience the transition from President Hurley to his successor, understanding that with the transition will come opportunities for expansion. It is our responsibility to promote those facets of UMW which work well, and provide input about those which can work better, and be open for the possibilities of new adventures.”



Kim Lawson, Disability Resources (Classified)

Kim Lawson, Disability Resources

“I believe change and information are important for growth and should be shared across campus and campuses.  It is very difficult to deliver good customer service when one doesn’t necessarily know the process in one department across campus(es) or the changes that have been implemented in another.  I would like to become an SAC representative so that I can help to narrow the communication gap and encourage the flow of information from the office of the President to departments and across campus(es).”



Michelle Miller, Procurement (Classified)

Michelle Miller, Procurement

“As a commuter student Alum of UMW, I know how it feels to feel that your voice is not heard or your concerns do not matter at this campus. I would like the opportunity to serve on SAC to help be the voice of those staff members who also feel like they do not have a voice. I welcome the chance to bring creative and positive solutions to areas of concern and help the committee make the new incoming President aware of these issues. This last year has been a tough one for the University including the declining morale of the staff, and I would like the chance to help bring positive change to improve the morale and help bring the University community together.”



Evie Sherlock, Registrar's Office (Classified)

Evie Sherlock, Registrar’s Office

“As a member of the UMW Staff Advisory Council, I look forward to working on a team dedicated to making positive differences. By collaborating many different staff perspectives, the Staff Advisory Council can offer the UMW President a unique and collective voice in decision-making processes. Together we can improve UMW as well as our community.”




Pam Verbeck, Office of the President (Classified)

Pam Verbeck, Office of the President

“As a current Staff Advisory Council (SAC) member, I serve on the Hospitality sub-committee, where we put into motion new ways to recognize our UMW employees, coordinate needed collections for the city and surrounding counties, and bring faculty and staff together for social activities that help to foster community and Eagle pride.  While I’ve enjoyed this, my favorite thing about being a part of the SAC is the way wage, classified, and administrative staff come together as a whole to help our colleagues with a variety of issues and have achieved real and positive results.  As a council, we offer valuable ideas and give a voice to the whole campus! 

President Hurley has been very supportive of the  Staff Advisory Council’s mission, and it is important that the SAC maintains a close and engaged working relationship with our new president as he/she gets to know the campus community and climate.   Change can be scary for all involved, but we can be a highly valuable indicator for the campus pulse.

My position within the Office of the President gives the Council an added voice that just happens to sit feet away from the President on a daily basis.  I would like to continue and be a part of the SAC momentum for another term, as I feel like we are entering into a critical, but exciting time during the presidential transition.

Thank you.”


Tanasha Whittaker, Facilities (Classified)

Tanasha Whittaker, Facilities

“I’m interested in serving on SAC. Because I work at both the Fredericksburg and the Stafford campus I feel I can help bridge the two together. Helping express everyone’s concerns at and for each campus. Making the university a better place to work and study!”





Robert Louzek, Registrar's Office (Wage)

Robert Louzek, Registrar’s Office

“I am coming up on my 4 year anniversary at UMW as the Veterans certifying official at the Stafford campus.  As a part-time wage grade employee, I am very interested in serving on the Staff Advisory Council. My experience, responsibilities and background would make me an ideal member of the council.

Before coming to UMW, I was in the US Navy for over 30 years.  Throughout my Naval career, good communications was the key to a great organization.   I understand how important communications between the different levels of an organization are to the success of that organization.  The SAC exemplifies the outstanding communication efforts that make UMW a great place to work. Since my time here, I have proudly fulfilled my main function as the Stafford Campus GI Bill® certifying official.  I have over the years requested increased responsibilities through additional collateral duties.  Some of those duties are:  procurement representative for the Registrar’s office, member of the one year work group on student veterans and a member of the veteran’s organization group.  Currently, I am assisting the BSN department with their procurement requirements. 

I often see the success of the SAC when it provides support as well as relevant advice for the staff and university regarding the many issues that are brought before the council.   I would like to be part of that team.  Thank you.”

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