2014 Staff Advisory Council Nominations

Amy Beaulieu  Classified  Advancement

Amy Beaulieu

“My area of expertise is communications, and I think as a whole the University community would always benefit from more communication across departments, offices, colleges, organizations, etc. My main focus as a council member would be to support university-wide communications efforts by supporting current practices and making suggestions moving forward on how we may improve. The ultimate goal would be to ensure that we, as a University, are a unified body working toward common goals.”


Briant Atkins  Classified  Emergency Management and Safety

Briant Atkins
Emergency Management and Safety

“I believe that all staff and employees should have a means to pass along their concerns, comments or suggestions for better ideas. I think all disciplines here need representation on The SAC and I feel that public safety would need a voice as many things impacted across the university are impacted by these concerns. I would like to see that in this time of budget shortfalls that we remain vigilant about maintaining the interests of those who help keep the university running. Understanding that the number one mission is academics, but considering that the academic mission can’t run if there is no means of keeping the infrastructure of the university up and maintaining morale amongst current staff is significant in accomplishing this. I would like to see the restoration of the ability of university employees who want to improve their education here at UMW to be able to do so. In my view, there is no actual cost savings to the university.”

Charles Tate  Classified  Academic and Career Services

Charles Tate
Academic and Career Services

“I would like to continue representing the views of staff in all classifications. I think the most important thing the Staff Advisory Council can do is to give voice to the concerns of staff members. The Staff Advisory Council has made a great deal of progress but there are always issues to work on and places where the staff can provide valuable input. It has been a pleasure to work with the S.A.C. members!”




Chrissy DeMarr  Classified  Advancement

Chrissy DeMarr

“If I were elected to be on Staff Advisory Council I would like to create more cohesion between faculty/staff and students. I still work with UMW Relay For Life and would like for staff to be more involved with all student activities on campus and volunteer opportunities.”




Connie Souza Classified Facilities

Connie Souza

“I would want to work to improve the greater morale of the UMW working staff which has become increasingly low over the past several years. The low morale I believe is partially due to decreasing communication between the upper level staff members and the working staff. Also, there are other issues that are present within the larger university campus which has resulted in the loss of our focus and direction. We need to strive to get back the united UMW community working together for the same goal!”


Dantaye White  Classified  Facilities

Dantaye White

“I have the opportunity to work in all the trade shops and feel I can lend a more holistic perspective. I enjoy helping people, so what better way than being a voice for my peers/coworkers.”





Edward Gray Administrative Professional Faculty Information Technology

Edward Gray
Professional Faculty
Information Technology

“I would like very much to work with my fellow employees to improve and enhance our experience here at UMW. I have received much in my time here and would like to give back.”






Jeffrey Pugh Classified Information Technology

Jeffrey Pugh
Information Technology

“I would be very interested in having the opportunity to learn more about ongoing UMW projects and initiatives. The SAC seems like a great way to not only keep up with new things around UMW but also an important venue for feedback from UMW staff.”




Kristine Stoneley  Classified Dahlgren

Kristine Stoneley

“If I’m elected to the Staff Advisory Council I’d like to participate in the continuing work of the SAC, but I’d make sure to bring some sunlight to the work of the SAC. I think too many people have heard of the SAC, but don’t know what they do. I’d like to make sure action is taken on compelling issues, that information from the SAC is provided to all UMW staff in an honest and timely way, and that the work of the SAC is promoted to staff – do most staff know the SAC has a blog? I didn’t. Let’s shine some sunlight on the problems we’re facing, and find actionable ways of addressing them.”


Laura Needham WageFinancial Aid

Laura Needham
Financial Aid

“I would like to focus some of my energies on strengthening our relationships with our students by advocating for our staff in customer service. As a recent graduate of UMW, I am aware of the sorts of concerns students have for our institution; and as a staff member who works on the front line in customer service, I am also quite sensitive to those concerns. I believe that we will have a better time addressing students’ concerns as long as their first points of contact feel not only job satisfaction, but also a sense of efficacy in the institution. Our students notice when the staff who are helping them are unhappy or apathetic. Improving customer service morale is the first step to gaining back our students’ trust so that our departments appear more as helpers and less as obstacles. That is why I am committed to making the voices in customer service heard.”

Linda Catullo Classified University Events and Conferencing

Linda Catullo
University Events and Conferencing

“I would be interested in joining the Staff Advisory Council to help facilitate communication within the University community. I would value the opportunity to help address issues that are important to the staff and to be a part of developing opportunities for employees to become more involved within the UMW community and in the surrounding community. I consider myself a good steward for the University. I enjoy listening, examining, and responding to ideas, concerns and suggestion from others. It is important to me to be a part of strengthening communication among staff and administration at all levels. I would love to be involved in increasing morale and helping to affect change when needed.”

Lisa Chinn Marvashti Classified University Relations and Communications

Lisa Chinn Marvashti
University Relations and Communications

“During these challenging times, with decreased funding and stagnant salaries, a focus on the little things – like celebrating professional accomplishments, adding flexibility to work schedules, and securing UMW discounts at local businesses – can boost employee morale and increase camaraderie across campus. At the end of the day, we’re all working toward one common goal: to provide the best possible education and experience for UMW students.”



Michael Morley Classified Music

Michael Morley

“I would like the opportunity to continue to serve on the council and strive to create and stimulate change, raise moral, and advocate for a more supportive and communicative work environment by providing candid advice to the university President.”




Paul Boger Administrative Professional Faculty Library

Paul Boger
Administrative Professional Faculty

“I would like to be an advocate for my campus coworkers and other University employees during this period of transition at UMW. The SAC has proven to be a good channel for staff to communicate its suggestions and concerns to the administration. I also wouldn’t mind participating on the communications or elections part of the SAC. I also think it would be a great opportunity for staff members located at different campuses to work together on shared University goals.”



Paula Zero Classified Admissions

Paula Zero

“As a member of the Staff Advisory Council, I would hope to learn more about campus-wide concerns and be a part of a team committed to developing solutions and making positive improvements. I’d also like to have the opportunity to inform my fellow co-workers about important topics and decisions that impact each of us at UMW.”





Ray Usler Administrative Professional Faculty Information Technology

Ray Usler
Professional Faculty
Information Technology

“Every year brings changes that require new ideas and a new approach. I am here to contribute with new ideas and build upon the hard work of those employees who have dedicated their time and energy towards shaping a better university. I will be one to voice your ideas and concerns. With your help we can start making a difference together at the University of Mary Washington.”




Rhonda StillsClassifiedRegistrar

Rhonda Stills

“I have been employed at UMW as a wage and now as a Classified employee, and I have served on numerous committees both stateside and abroad (Egypt and Belgium). Not only would I like to share some of my experiences and knowledge with the council, but I would love the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the University from a different perspective and learn from other council member’s experiences as well. I think that communication among various offices at UMW needs to be improved, and I would like to help facilitate that in whatever capacity possible. As an employee of the Registrar’s Office in Lee Hall, I come in contact with students and employees from all over the University, and I would really like to use my location as a vessel for open and honest communication.”


Ryan Brazell ClassifiedTeaching and Learning Technologies

Ryan Brazell
Administrative Professional Faculty
Teaching and Learning Technologies

“As a relatively new member of the UMW community, I would bring a fresh perspective to the Staff Advisory Council. I’m excited to learn more about staff-related issues on campus, and to have a positive impact on our shared work environment.”





Samuel Jensen Classified University Police

Samuel Jensen
University Police

“Open lines of communication between the police department and other areas of the university. Raise awareness of common student issues with law enforcement.”





Sarah Carroll WageFinance

Sarah Carroll

“I would like to: Facilitate and increase coordination and communication between departments on campus. Develop, support and contribute to programs and volunteer opportunities that support and further develop the University mission. Serve as a representative and liaison for University employees.”




Tameka Jalal Classified University Events and Conferencing

Tameka Jalal
University Events and Conferencing

“I would like to accomplish the development of projects, and University activities and programs for employees. I would also like to accomplish making avenues to make employees aware of changes, such as issues, and other communications to all staff. I wish to bring bright ideas, brain power, and fun to S.A.C. along with the current and new members.”




Tony Leger Classified Residence Life

Tony Leger
Administrative Professional Faculty
Residence Life

“I would like to be a voice for the staff at UMW and offer new ideas to make being employed here a little better.”



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