Elections 2017

Classified Employees (Vote for 4)

Lynda Allen – James Monroe Museum & Memorial Library

I have been with The James Monroe Museum and UMW for four years. I would be honored by the opportunity to give back to the UMW community for all that I have received through my work here, by serving on the S.A.C.

What I would bring to the role are skills in listening, and communicating. I am adept at listening mindfully to a concern, and hearing all sides before looking for a solution that will address those concerns in the most positive, and constructive way. I believe those are important skills in a S.A.C. representative whose job it is to synthesize the needs, ideas, and concerns of the staff and create action from them. It would be a joy to serve my fellow staff members in this capacity.

Michelle Crow-Dolby- Gari Melchers Home & Studio

If elected to the Staff Advisory Council, I would be the eyes and ears of all off-campus employees and would work to strengthen our ties to UMW.

Arin Doerfler – Cashier’s Office

If I was elected to the SAC, I would encourage our staff voices to be raised and heard; to further open the lines of communication between management and staff and to enable staff to be more involved in the decision-making process. I would like to serve as a representative for my coworkers to bring their thoughts and concerns to! I would also like to help with staff activities, planning and encouraging participation because it helps to foster a stronger sense of community!

DiShante Fryer- Academic Engagement and Student Success

The fostering of a feeling of inclusion and acceptance at the University. I would like to work to get the voices of those who typically are not heard, acknowledged and their opinions taken into consideration. I would like to lend my voice and talents to making UMW a better place to serve.

Brittanie Haas- Campus Recreation

Staff camaraderie through improved wellness efforts, serve as representation for student affairs on the SAC, and be a part of providing transparent information to other members at the university to create a more aware staff.

Shannon Hauser- Simpson Library

I think it is important to reach out to staff in ways that go beyond waiting to hear from them. If elected I’d would like to work with S.A.C. to find ways to go out and have conversations with people in targeted ways so we can hear from people that might not otherwise reach out to S.A.C.

Lauren McDonald- Business Services

The S. A. C. plays an important role in fostering a spirit of community and encouraging communication  between departments. I would love the opportunity to help make sure voices are heard and improve awareness of issues that effect our campus.

Sarah Moran- Center for International Education

I’ve been an undergraduate and graduate UMW student, a Graduate Assistant at UMW, and am now a full-time staff member at UMW. I also live in the downtown Fredericksburg community. I think these aspects make for an interesting perspective as I can see many angles to issues. By being part of SAC, I want to help preserve the qualities that make UMW so special for those of us who make up this institution, on every level, while also understanding that times are different than the past and there are going to be new challenges for the University to overcome and to move in a positive direction.  I enjoy knowing everything that is going on

Michael Morley – Music Department

I would like to continue my work with the SAC and begin again strong this year. With a new supervisor in place, I’m able to devote more of my efforts to the SAC and help forward our goals of continuing compensation strategy discussion, wellness partnerships, and community engagement and outreach.

Catherine Smith – Talley Center

I feel that I could very well represent the Talley Center as a strong advocate for mental health, not only for our students but also for UMW employees, coinciding with wellness at work and being more productive on campus. Becoming more competitive in terms of salaries or responding with offering incentives to employees to correspond to the lack of competitiveness and therefore retention. Thank you for considering me.

Charles Tate- Academic Services

I would like to continue serving on the Staff Advisory Council so that I can continue working with fellow employees to represent the concerns of the entire staff. It is important that all categories of staff—wage, classified, and admin faculty—are represented. But it is just as important that employees from one classification understand the concerns of the other classifications. I would like to serve to give a voice to the entire staff.

Sharon Williams- Registrar’s Office

If elected to the Student Advisory Council, I would like to help build the morale of my follow cohorts.

Ann Witkowski- Center for International Education

If elected to the S.A.C., I hope to gain a broader sense of what is important to UMW staff outside of my own office and the Lee Hall bubble.  I look forward to learning how the advocacy process works, too.

Administrative Professional (Vote for 4):

Kyle Danzey- Career Center

I would like to explore ways to recognize AP Faculty and develop active affinity groups for faculty and staff.

Edward Gray – Information Technology

I would like to continue working with the Staff Advisory Council to share insights and apply appropriate best practices.  I will work to improve relations at the University.  I hope to leverage my experiences and traingin to make UMW a better place to work and learn..

Brittany Harper- Residence Life

I would like to make a more defined connection between Residence Life and the multiple areas of campus. Some of the projects I would like to submit would include families and spouses, bringing together multiple areas with connections. For example, a parents connection group or expanding the LGBT Mentorship group. Mostly I want the opportunity to learn more about the offices and areas on campus that I don’t get to interact with and make sure that I can be a voice for those that I connect with.

James Pape- Simpson Library

Strengthen employee awareness of critical issues so that they feel they can speak out.

Justin Wilkes- Student Transition Program

I would like to assist the S.A.C. in developing interdepartmental in-services for faculty & staff to better understand the collective functions of possibly less-known campus offices to increase efficiency and collaboration when it comes to directing students and peers to appropriate resources. Additionally, I would like to help build coalitions across cultural barriers that strengthen the promotion of equal, equitable campus culture and climate at UMW for all students, staff, and faculty.

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