Doug Noble Named Excellent Eagle Employee

Dear Doug,

Congratulations! On behalf of the Staff Advisory Council, I would like to announce that you have been selected as December’s Excellent Eagle Employee. To thank you for such a wonderful job, you will have a reserved parking spot of your choosing from Thursday, December 5 –January 10. If there is a particular spot that you would prefer, please let me know.

Here is what some of your co-workers said about you:

I would like to nominate Doug because he is one of the most dedicated and hardest workers I have had the pleasure of working with. He goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every day to ensure that all events in Dodd Auditorium are run smoothly and efficiently and that all patrons have enjoyable experiences. With his radiantly happy outlook, he brings joy to the workplace in all departments he oversees, which also includes the Events AV Office and the Office of Webcasting and Video Production.

~ and ~

I would like to nominate Doug Noble as Eagle Employee of the month. Doug is the director of Dodd Auditorium. I would like to nominate him because he works tirelessly in one of the most important venues on campus. He is always cheerful, but takes his position very seriously to make sure the University is represented in an excellent fashion. He also is the director of Events AV as well as The Office of Webcasting and Video Production.

To nominate someone who you believe is an Excellent Eagle Employee, just send an email ( with Excellent Eagle Employee in the Subject Line. In your email, be sure to tell me the person’s name, department, work location (with the most convenient parking lot), and of course, the reason why you believe they should be recognized. Please spread the word to other employees about this wonderful opportunity to recognize a co-worker(s).

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