2016 Elections

The slate of candidates for the 2016 SAC election is complete.  Please review the information submitted by each candidate – then vote for new members of the council.

Classified Employees – Vote for 2

Amy O’Reilly 
Provost Office
Administrative Assistant

I’ve enjoyed very much the last three years serving in the Staff Advisory Council.  I have learned so much about the campus community and the work that goes on in other areas of the school (besides the academic areas that I have been involved in).  It’s been a great experience and I look forward to continuing to serve.

Andrea Cordray
College of Business
Student Support and Outreach Coordinator

I am excited at the idea of working alongside my fellow staff members on the Staff Advisory Council. I have been a member of the UMW community for just over three years.  I have had the pleasure of seeing our students thrive and accomplish many wonderful things. I work diligently to create a sense of community within my department and would proudly bring this same enthusiasm to the SAC. My collaborative experience, creative problem solving skills, and passion for this institution will make me a valuable member of the SAC. I would be honored to advocate for my colleagues if elected.

Jay Sullivan
Facilities Energy/Utility/Controls

Better communications between all departments at UMW

Julie Smith
Associate Controller

I want to work with the Staff Advisory Council to foster a climate that encourages staff participation in decision making processes, real participation and input.  I want SAC to help departments and leadership develop employees who are engaged in the university family.

SAC has made great strides this year in opening lines of communication between staff and faculty and between staff and leadership. SAC has also developed new ways to communicate with staff and get the word out about what SAC does and what SAC has learned about the University.  I want to help SAC continue those important efforts.  Communication to and from SAC is vital in order for SAC to properly represent the views of UMW staff and to provide valid input to faculty and leadership.

SAC recognizes and awards staff on a monthly and annual basis.  Awarding and recognizing staff is a positive rewarding experience not just for the award winners but for those presenting the awards.  Reading the nominations reminds us of the very many positive things going on around this campus.  I want to be part of that.

SAC provides opportunities for staff to give back to the community, supporting the university’s mission to be community-oriented.  Experts say giving back to the community promotes employee engagement.  That’s a great thing to be part of.  I want to continue to work with SAC to provide those opportunities.

THANKS for your consideration!

Lauren McDonald
Business Services
Administrative Assistant

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few months about the disconnect employees feel between different departments, staff members, or even the administration. UMW can be an amazing community to be a part of when we find ways to come together, communicate effectively, and understand how we each work towards a common goal. As a part of Business Services, I work closely with units, such as Parking Management, the Bookstore, EagleOne, and the Post Office, that provide services which affect the day-to-day life of staff members, and thus have a vested interest in making sure problems are voiced and conflicts resolved in these areas. I would work as an SAC member to improve communications in the UMW community by listening to feedback and advocating for open lines of discussion.

Mark Sandor
Police Captain
University Police

A/P Faculty – Vote for 5

April Brecht
College of Education
Director of Advising Center Services

If I were elected to the Staff Advisory Council, I would be an advocate for staff and be a resource for their voices to be heard.  As a new employee working at both campuses, I feel I could help with continuous open communication and collaboration between all levels and departments at UMW.  I believe it is important for the university to be a part of the larger community and I would like the opportunity to help organize events for staff to get involved.

Bianca Hightower
Center for Career and Professional Development
Assistant Director

I would like to contribute to the UMW community is any way that I can. I think that the S.A.C. is a great sounding board for various constituents around campus and I would love to serve as an intermediary for UMW staff. I ultimately hope to achieve a collaborative effort with my colleagues to create a better UMW for us all while creating an engaged campus community.

John Hughey
Residence Life
Area Coordinator

I will advocate for the needs of the staff members across campus. I will also be able to bring the perspectives of the employees in my department and other departments I work closely with that might not currently have representation. This will allow for the S.A.C. to make more informed decisions.

Mathew Wilkerson
Institutional Analysis-Effectiveness
Director of Institutional Research

I simply want to do anything possible to ensure staff at UMW are treated fairly and have greater say in what happens at UMW.
Pam Lowery
Human Resources
Director of Technology Professional Development

The SAC plays a central role in making UMW the best that it can possibly be.  We’ve begun important work improving communication across departments, discussing issues, and looking for new ways to improve the campus.  We have accomplished much – and exciting opportunities are approaching.  I am pleased to have been part of this, and hope to continue in these efforts.

Some of the strengths that I bring to the committee are deep and broad experiences, a love for people – and for enabling them to be their best, and a desire to see UMW flourish.

Paul Boger
UMW Libraries – Stafford
Stafford Library Manager

I’d like to work toward improved communication between the satellite campuses and the main campus.  There are also opportunities for the SAC and the UFC to work more closely and support each other’s initiatives.  I think there are also micro level issues that could be worked on like student parking on College Ave and maybe even food donations from Sodexo to local organization that help those in need in our community.

Wage Employees – Vote for 1

Michael Boylan
Parking Management
Community Service Officer

My family and I moved to Fredericksburg after falling in love with the city’s community feeling, a feeling that the University of Mary Washington embodies. I am excited about the possibility of becoming a SAC member within the university community and supporting the university’s community outreach efforts. I can assure you that I would be a great member of the SAC team, if elected. Due to my education, military service, and UMW Parking Management experience, I feel confident that I would be a valuable new addition to the Staff Advisory Council.

Tracey Funtanilla

I would like to see a variety in the service projects.  Donating to new organizations from the community and a partnering with some of the student activities to broaden the university’s ability to make an impact on the community.

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