About the Council

The Staff Advisory Council is an elected body of classified, wage, and administrative staff whose purpose is to promote collaboration and ensure open communication channels throughout all levels of the University. The council provides an avenue for employee input and feedback and a means of participating in the design, development, and implementation of University programs, projects, and services. It also strengthens employee awareness of critical issues and provides a valuable perspective for the University community and administration on matters of significant concern to wage, classified, and administrative staff.

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Executive Committee Members

President – Pam Lowery
Vice-President – Christy Pack
Past President – Julie Smith
Treasurer –  Christy Pack
Secretary –  Bianca Hightower
Activities Chair(s) –  Tracey Funtanilla, Mathew Wilkerson
Communications Chair –  Sarah Carroll
Elections Chair –  Paul Boger
Recognition Chair – Michael Morley
Administrative Liaison – Sabrina Johnson

Standing Committee Members


Activities Committee Communications Committee Elections Committee Recognition Committee
April Brecht
Arin Doerfler
Tracey Funtanilla (Chair)
Kim Lawson
Christy Pack
Julie Smith
Jay Sullivan
Charles Tate
Mathew Wilkerson (Chair)
Justin Wilkes
Kevin Caffrey
Sarah Carroll(Chair)
Brittany Harper
Lynda Allen
 Andrea Cordray
Kyle Danzey
Bianca Hightower
Paul Boger (Chair)
Robert Louzek
Michael Morley (Chair)
Michelle Pickham
Brittanie Haas

Members and Their Terms

Andrea Cordray 2018 Kim Lawson 2018
April Brecht 2019 Kyle Danzey 2020
Arin Doerfler 2020 Lynda Allen 2020
Bianca Hightower 2018 Mathew Wilkerson 2019
Brittanie Haas 2020 Michael Morley 2020
Brittany Harper  2020 Michelle Pickham 2018
Charles Tate  2020 Pam Lowery 2019
Christy Pack 2018 Paul Boger 2019
Jay Sullivan 2019 Robert Louzek 2018
Julie Smith 2019 Sarah Carroll 2018
Justin Wilkes 2020 Tracey Funtanilla  2019
Kevin Caffrey 2018  Sabrina Johnson


Resource Documents

2018-03-14-SAC-Constitution (PDF)

2014-11-26 SAC Constitution (PDF)

SAC New Employee Presentation (PDF)

SAC new employee narrative (PDF)

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