Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – December 17, 2015

December 17th, 2015

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, December 17, 2015
Lee Hall, Room 412


President Hurley stopped by to say “Happy Holidays”, and to offer his thanks for what the team does.

Scott Harris – James Monroe Museum

Scott is a UMW graduate (Historic Preservation), and finds working at the museum very rewarding. Monroe had a lifetime of service, beginning with the Revolutionary War. After the war, he decided to practice law, studying with Thomas Jefferson. Monroe served as governor of Virginia 4 times, as a member of the Diplomatic Service, a member of Madison’s cabinet. After the War of 1812, Monroe served 2 terms as President. During his term, he toured the country; he faced issues such as relationships with Native Americans and slavery. The Monroe Doctrine was his biggest accomplishment.

Many places / things are named for him (schools, counties, cities, etc.).


The James Monroe Museum is in Fredericksburg as a tribute to his residency in Fredericksburg. The museum has a very large collection of items that belonged to the Monroes. It is still a ‘collecting’ institution; it has recently acquired a painting of Monroe and books that belonged to him. Much programming is done.


Fitness Challenge – HR is promoting a fitness challenge each month, and has asked the S.A.C. to consider sponsoring a challenge. We purchased prizes for winners of these challenges. We suggested that we promote walking to Washington (~52 miles).

There wasn’t as much advertising done during the year as desired. It will carry over during 2016.   Let Amy O’Reilly know if we have ideas.

New members joined us for this meeting, and were welcomed to the meeting.

The President’s position channels issues to the appropriate group. 2016 promises to be an exciting year, with a new President coming on board and many initiatives being considered. The President serves on the President’s Leadership Team.

Vice President:

Michael is looking forward to serving as the President next year.

The Retreat is scheduled for January 29 at the Stafford Campus.

The VP works on committees, collaborates with the SAC President, and serves as a line of communication. The person in the position follows up on outstanding issues. Having open lines of communication is of utmost importance.


The budget totals are:
UMW account:                                $822.40
Foundation account:                        $230.00
President’s Foundation account:       $910.00

The treasurer manages the budget; at times she makes purchases on behalf of the group.

Food Drive
– Food will be collected thru Winter Break.

Chili Cook-Off – March 2; we hope that people will promote the event. It will be held in the UC.

Excellent Eagle Employee award:   It has been suggested that we give gift cards to winners in addition to having a sign for the winner’s space. This will be considered at a meeting when we have a quorum.

The Elections committee manages the election process, works to fill open positions, and updates the Constitution and ByLaws.

This group publicizes events and activities via EagleEye, manages the SAC website, and publishes the Twitter feed. The group arranges speakers for each meeting.

Open Floor
Members introduced themselves.

Thanks were shared for the work that has been done over the year.

Sue suggested that we should make sure that we recognize SAC members when employees gather together.

January 29 – Stafford Campus:

Lunch will be provided. We may have a potluck breakfast. An agenda will provided after we get back in January.

We probably will not vote on officers at the retreat so that members can carefully consider roles.

December Meeting
We will have a pot-luck at the last meeting. Details will be provided.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – November 2015

December 2nd, 2015

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Stafford – North building, Room 114


Golda Eldridge – CHLS – spoke to us about Veterans’ issues. It is hoped that there will be a Veterans’ Counselor (Academic / Career counseling) on campus. This person will focus on internal facing issues that veterans experience. The position would also be outward facing, and would be an advocate for veterans. There is support for this position across campus. The next step is to consider funding.   Several options are being considered: Full-time, part-time, shared responsibilities.

There are approximately 400 students who are ‘identified’ as veterans. Students can self-identify, but are not required to do so unless they use GI benefits.

It is hoped that a Veterans’ Affairs committee will be formed. Offices who support (veteran) students would participate in this committee.

Providing Training for faculty and staff is a goal. Training was available a year ago. There is currently no budget for ongoing training

There is space dedicated to the Veterans’ Resource Center in the basement of Combs. It is currently staffed with students. A concern is that the area does not provide space for counseling for students. An alternate location (Tyler House after Business Services moves into GW) is being considered.

The VA provides grants for staffing. If we are eligible, the position would be shared with Germanna.

Student veterans have not been vocal about their needs. A forum will be set up so that the administration hears concerns.

Veterans have priority registration. Time spent in ‘drill’ at some point during the year can occur during the academic year. Efforts are being made to ensure that information can be made available if students are suddenly deployed (i.e. National Guard).

Awareness of veteran related issues is limited.

Tim O’Donnell is designated as the person who ensures that UMW meets statutory requirements.

The Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service is providing opportunities for students to gain experience in these areas.


Erma Baker joined us to discuss parking issues.   The Parking Management Office currently has 1 full time employee, 2 part time employees, and student enforcement.

Responsible for:

  • 30 lots, 2 decks
  • Decals – Decals now have a 2-year replacement cycle.
  • Enforcement
  • Van Familiarization program
  • Realignment – UMW Deck, Fine Arts area
  • Collaboration with other departments (Capital Outlay, Res Life, Admissions)

Student Enforcement program: Students have increased the coverage of the campus. It is financially self-sustaining.

There is no fee at UMW for Faculty / Staff parking. Many other institutions charge for parking.

FY 16 Goals:

  • Exploration of parking options for out-of-state freshmen;
  • New signage for lot closures;
  • Wayfinding project;
  • Reassignment of a portion of Sunken Rd. to Faculty – Staff parking;
  • Budget request for phase 1 of a new deck (2017, 222 spaces, with space for 500). The location is planned for across from DuPont;

Q / A:

There are concerns about parking near GW / Lee. The heating plant space and the William St. lot were identified as potential spots for parking decks. Can these spaces be used?

There are environmental concerns about the William Street lot.

The modular units are slated to be removed. Will the space be reallocated? Could one of the spaces be used as a parking lot?

There has been no decision about this.


There’s a concern about shutting down lots entirely when only a handful of folks use the spaces (i.e. Transfer Orientation).

The University continues to try to minimize interruptions to the extent possible. Plans are revised as needed.

Is the city or UMW responsible for monitoring the neighborhood for student violations?

UMW helps pay the salary of a city parking enforcement employee. This employee watches for student violations.


Are there enough spaces?

A parking study showed that there are sufficient spaces, though they may not be in the most convenient locations.


How does the cost of decals for students compare to other institutions?

The cost of decals for students went up this year. We’re still the lowest fee in the state.


Can the staff be expanded to two full time employees and one or two part time employees? The Parking Management Window could then be open all of the time.

The department would like to have more people.


Where do funds from the Parking Tickets go?

Funds go into the Auxiliary funds to be shared with the University.

What is your budget for Parking Management?

Erma suggested that the person asking this question reach out to her so that she can get a clarification of what is being asked.

There are a few employees who don’t want to put a sticker on the car. Are there other options?

There is not another option; stickers must be attached to vehicles.

SAC Budget:

The budget totals are:


UMW account:  $868.75

  • includes $131.25 for note pads
  • does not include $45 engraving for Larry Atkins awards and $ for awards themselves estimated at $323


Foundation account:       $230.00

  • does not include Excellent Eagle signage expense which wasn’t to exceed $100


President’s Foundation account:                $1,000



Fitness Challenge – HR is issuing a fitness challenge each month, and has asked the S.A.C. to consider sponsoring a challenge. We will provide some prizes for winners of these challenges. Ideas for challenges:

  • Walk ‘to’ Washington / New York / … Kelly Shannon may have a map that shows distances on campus.
  • There is a form that can be used to report results
  • Map My Walk – Site provides tools for tracking walks (
  • We should encourage employees to take pictures as they’re walking.

2015 S.A.C. Election Report

New S.A.C. Members
Administrative Faculty:

  • Christopher Carl
  • Christy Pack
  • Kevin Caffrey

Classified Employees:

  • Kim Lawson
  • Michelle Miller
  • Pam Verbeck
  • Sarah Carroll

Wage Employees:

  • Robert Louzek


  • Food Drive – Food will be collected thru Winter Break.
  • Chili Cook-Off – March 2; we hope that people will promote the event. It will be held in the UC.
  • Excellent Eagle Employee award:   It has been suggested that we give gift cards to winners in addition to having a sign for the winner’s space. This will be considered at a meeting when we have a quorum.



January 29. The location will be determined.


December Meeting

We will have a pot-luck at the last meeting. Details will be provided.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – October 2015

October 23rd, 2015

S.A.C. Meeting – General Meeting
Thursday, October 15, 2015
Meeting Times: 1pm – 3pm
Lee 412

Speaker: Rosemary Jesionowski is joining us to talk about a new program.
Rosemary gave us an introduction to the galleries at UMW, which include the duPont gallery in duPont Hall and the Ritterhof Martin Gallery. UMW has an extensive collection of art that is available to loan, if anyone needs art in their space.
The galleries show art form both faculty and staff as well as have guest artists work on display. Usually there will be a performance or discussion with each show as well as an opening reception.

The galleries provide opportunities for students to intern, (for both museum studies and studio art programs). Rosemary is hoping to start a conservation program that will serve to both conserve our works and to introduce students to the process of conserving art.

Treasurer’s Report
The current UMW state funds budget balance is $868.75.
The Foundation budget account balance is $230.00.
The President’s Account balance is $1000.

President’s Report (given by Vice President)

Parking: Spoke to Hurley about parking concerns. This is an ongoing issue that will continue to be a topic of conversation.
Fall Luncheon: was intimidating speaking in front of 400+ people. Next year we should have all the SAC members stand and be recognized as a group – to remind everyone who is serving.
Ticketing: There has been some reports of crazy ticketing by parking management. We will get to talk to Erma Baker about this next meeting. It was asked where the money form tickets goes. It goes to the auxilliary fund that is used to pay for paving, parking lot maintenance and other things, the money collected from ticketing does not meet the level of funds required for these projects.

VP Follow-Up Items
Retreat: is tentatively Jan 29, 2016 and will be held at Stafford or perhaps the Chandler Ballroom. Michael is still working on details.

HVAC update: the funds are in place to provide the HVAC area at facilities with Air Conditioning. The project will hopefully start in the spring. It is being done in conjunction with the supplying of A/C units to several dorms.

Les reports that the next meeting is at Stafford Campus. Location TBA. Golda will be talking to us about Veterans Affairs. Erma will participate in a discussion with us regarding parking and parking management.

October: Rosemary Jesionowsky
November: Golda Eldridge, Erma Baker
December: Tentative

Kevin reminds us that nominations are due on Monday, October 19th.

John reports that ONE CAN HOPE will be going on through the end of the fall semester. There will also be a Fredericksburg Food Bank Truck in Ball Circle sometime before the holidays.

The last mixer was well received and the boss picked up the tab.  There are plans for another mixer this semester.

Chili Cookoff next semester, thinking of using the University Center 2nd floor (the level entered from Ball Circle entrance). This will allow for more vendors and more space for employees.

Please pass the word regarding Excellent Eagle program. We need nominations.
Activities committee needs more members.

Old or New Business

Strategic Plan Update: (by Michael and Amy). Plan is in the final stages. Will be presented to the Board hopefully for the November meeting. The idea is that the plan will be in place before the new president is hired. The new president would have the opportunity to change the plan after s/he arrives.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – September 2015

October 23rd, 2015

Staff Advisory Council – General Meeting
Thursday, September 17, 2015
Lee 412
1:00pm – 3:00pm


Admissions / Marketing:

Melissa Yakabouski (Admissions) and Maria Schultz (Marketing) showed us some of the marketing pieces that are used to recruit students. Recruiters are currently on the road. The 2 departments work closely together to design materials, select models, target students. The University targets specific areas (Maryland, Roanoke, Tidewater, VA). Materials are placed on buses, billboards, and more. The first TV commercial has been filmed, and will be shown this fall.

The collaborative approach seems to be working. Materials are tweaked / updated regularly. Materials are being considered for the adult programs.
A concerted effort is made to convert to a digital approach. Applicants will now apply only online. New tools / resources have helped bring UMW current.
There is a complicated relationship between prospects, applicants, and students.

Parking Management
Ms. Baker did not join us for the meeting.

Open Floor

Surplus: There is an abundance of furniture, equipment, etc. in Surplus. We should take advantage of this resource.

FitBits: HR has some fitbits, and is looking for creative ways to use them.

President’s Report
Laura and Michael are meeting with President Hurley in late September.

Presidential Search Committee:

The Stafford forum focused on graduate-campus issues. Concerns about Faculty / Staff relationships were expressed; accountability is needed and doesn’t seem to be addressed.
Attendees feel that the committee listened and heard what was shared.

Vice President’s Report
Michael reached out to Jennifer about employee recognition. Jennifer responded; Michael will follow up with her.

Treasurer’s Report
$800 – General Account
$230 – Foundation Account
$1000 – President Hurley’s account

Activity Report

Larry Atkins Award

Voting is taking place, and will close at 4pm on 9/18.

Excellent Eagle

John has changed his approach for getting nominees.

One Can Hope

Facilities staff will assist with collecting / delivering what is collected. Donations will be given to the F’burg Area Food Bank. Donations may be given until we leave for winter break.


The next mixer will be held at The Home Team Grill on September 23rd between 4:30 and 6 for happy hour and Mixer. We are on President Hurley’s schedule so please make an effort to get the word out as this will be one of the few chances over the next few months that we will be able to thank him for all he has done and let him know how grateful we are.


Baldwin will be making an appearance soon.

Nominations for elections will open in early October, and will be discussed at the Fall luncheon (October 13). Voting will begin on Elections’ Day.


A brochure is under development. It will be sent to Design Services for tweaking.

Rosemary Jesionowsky will speak to us in October. Golda Eldridge will address the group in November.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – June 2015

October 23rd, 2015

Staff Advisory Council – General Meeting
Thursday, June 46, 2015
Lee 412
1:00pm – 3:00pm

The total for the Copy Center notepads was $116.03. The available balance in our FY15 UMW state funds budget is $24.08.

Activities Committee:

  • The Faculty Staff mixer at Home Team Grill in Eagle Village from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm on June 25th. Please come out and support and relax at the end of Orientation. See this week’s EagleEye!
  • UMW and the SAC will be sponsoring at least one possibly two (1- elementary, 1- middle) schools for school supplies and backpacks. Watch for more information on this by June 30th.
  • UMW and the SAC will sponsor “One Can Hope” food drive for the fall months (we will call for boxes to be put out starting in September). Watch for more info on this.

Paul Messplay will speak to us in July; Scott Harris’ presentation will be rescheduled.

No report.


  • SWAG has been delivered to Laura. She is working on a plan for distribution.
  • Civility between employees has become an issue once again. We will brainstorm ideas for how to help remediate the issue.

It’s Time…Nominations for the Larry Atkins Award

August 13th, 2015

The S.A.C. employee award is named for Larry R. Atkins, Facilities Services’ building coordinator for the Stafford Campus.  Sadly, we lost Larry in July 2011; he had worked for Mary Washington since 1997.  Mr. Atkins enjoyed helping people; he was one of the first employees to receive the S.A.C. “We Couldn’t Do it Without You Award,” which has since been renamed in his honor.

You are encouraged recognize one of your colleagues by nominating him / her for the Larry Atkins Award.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – May 21, 2015 Meeting

May 22nd, 2015

Guest Presentation
Jeff Rountree shared a presentation, providing information about the UMW Foundation and its relationship with the University.

  • There is a large Foundation Board.
  • Six individuals serve on the Executive Board.
  • The staff is small.Consultants are used to assist when they are needed.
  • FY15 expenditures were approximately $17.6m.
  • The Foundation owns, sells, manages, etc. a fairly large amount of real estate on behalf of the University.

Open Floor
Nothing mentioned.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Approximately $20.00 – State Account will go back to the University Budget.
  • SWAG has been purchased.
  • We will have additional funds ($1000) from President Hurley
    • $230.00 – Foundation Account
    • $320 – will be used for awards.

President’s Report
Happy Hour / Mixer: Everyone had a wonderful time. The event is considered a success.


  • Atkins award – Need to get the word out about nominations. Will advertise the award closer to the fall.
  • Back pack drive, canned food drive are traditionally held during the next 3 months. Watch for information coming out thru the summer. Suggestions for what to provide were made. Detailed instructions will be distributed.
  • Excellent Eagle nominations are needed.
  • Additional members are needed for the Activities Committee.

Nominations for the Excellent Eagle award will be advertised in Eagle Eye.

Paul Boger is joining the committee, filling Dan Nelson’s position.

VP Follow-Up Items
HVAC at Facilities: No progress has been made; staff members are unaware of what is going to be done. Michael Morley will reach out to Rick Pearce to see what the status is.

Old Business
Strategic Plan:  Michael Morley described where the Strategic Plan process is. We should each review the proposed plan, and offer feedback. S.A.C. representation encouraged focus on pay for employees. There is recognition that salaries need to be improved. While there is recognition that salaries need to be improved, no one knows what to do about solving the issue.

Smoking on Campus: All recommendations were adopted. Michael has some questions about implementation; he will contact Rick Pearce. There are some questions about implementation; we will try to reach an acceptable resolution. The policy has been updated. It has been suggested that we partner with the Wellness Committee / Campus Recreation to promote an educational initiative.

New Business
There was some confusion about parking during move-out. Signage was described as insufficient. Many tickets were given.

  • It has been suggested that we email Erma and Robin about what happened on move out day.
  • Use a bus (i.e. BOV bus) to pick students up at the William Street lot and shuttle students from the lot to identified spots on campus.
  • If students are issuing tickets, provide additional training.
  • Consistency of signage / use of yellow tape is needed. Email messages should also be issued for each time a lot is restricted.
  • Consider a pilot (Orientation – shuttle staff from distant lots to campus)

Next Meeting
Executive Committee: June 10, 1pm – 3pm, Eagle Village, suite 480 conference room
S.A.C. Meeting: June 18, 1pm – 3pm
Speaker: Scott Harris, JMMU

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2015 Meeting

April 16th, 2015

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, April 16, 2015
Stafford Campus, North Building, Room 126

Cate Brewer joined us at the beginning of the meeting. She provided insight into the successes and challenges of producing Lady Windermere’s Fan. Educational theatre is always interesting; this production provided many opportunities for learning about the culture, for broadening skills, and for learning more about the art of acting.

Vickie Sullivan is the proud recipient of the tickets for the play.

Open Floor
Student Protest: The group held a discussion about the student protest in GW. Support for both the students and the administration was expressed.

Parking Deck:  Laura Needham is gathering information about the (proposed) location of the next parking deck. She is in the process of fleshing out information that she has. The deck is planned for a spot near the heating plant. There have been suggestions to locate it on William Street. Ideas for alternate locations (i.e. near the back gate) were discussed.

Update on S.A.C. recommendations:
Smoking on Campus: All recommendations will be adopted. Michael has some questions about implementation; he will contact Rick Pearce. There are some questions about implementation; we will try to reach an acceptable resolution. The committee that brought the proposal forward will review the (draft) policy and bring recommendations back to us.

HVAC: Rick Pearce will investigate the cost and code compliance. The Fire Marshall will be consulted. We look forward to hearing about the progress of the recommendation.

Meeting with with President Hurley

  • The S.A.C. will get an additional $1,000. Betsy currently manages the fund.
  • President Hurley would like for the S.A.C. to sponsor additional staff mixers. The next mixer is scheduled for May 14 (4pm – 6pm) in the Underground.
  • Civility: How employees treat each other is of concern. People are not treating each other with respect. There will be a conference at the ITCC that will focus on civility and social media.  We should also consider: Sponsor a workshop focused on civility, followed by a mixer.
  • Communication should be a focus for employees.We discussed ways to improve communication.
    • Messages from Marty Morrison are effective.
  • What do we want to be communicated about? Is there a ‘collection’ of topics that should be communicated to the UMW community? Suggestions include:
    • Parking
    • Compensation
    • Job Security
  • It was suggested that we invite Anna Billingsley to meet with us.
  • Compensation (In-bands, Tuition Assistance) is a high priority for him. They are a high priority – but are dependent upon revenue. Salary increases will be awarded in the summer.
  • Concern for how leave (A/P Faculty) is utilized is under scrutiny.

May Mixer: May 14, 4pm – 6pm
Location: Underground
We hope to have student musicians providing background music.

Treasurer’s Report
$803.87 – State Account
$230.00 – Foundation Account

Committee Reports

Excellent Eagle employee has been selected for May. Nominations have increased.

Mixer – Caterers: $397.40 – Bartender, Cash Bar, Meatball, Egg Rolls, Vegetables, Mini-Pizza, Finger Sandwiches, Beer, Wine.

Pam Verbeck is not able to continue as co-chair of the committee.


  • May 14th mixer is confirmed in the Underground from 4 pm to 6pm
  • Please talk up Excellent Eagle Nominations for May. Selections will be done next week.
  • Postings to EagleEye include
    • the results of the Willy-Nilly Chili Cook-off,
    • advertisement of the Red Cross blood drive at Stafford Campus,
    • announcement of the April Excellent Eagle parking space award to Patrick Taitt,
    • Announcement of the new Office Move Information form
    • Worked with Shelley Keith to centralize awards nominations to one location. From the UMW homepage, click on “Faculty & Staff” in the center of the dark blue banner, which opens the new Faculty & Staff page. On the left side under “Employment Resources” click on Staff Recognition to find links to nine ways to recognize co-workers.
    • There are ongoing conversations within the UFC about governance.

VP Follow-Up Items
Thank you cards were delivered. Cards will be made available at the S.A.C. meeting next week.

The Strategic Plan will include equitable salary compensation for employees. Realignment to NVA levels should be a priority; realignment is a complicated issue – and ongoing conversations are needed.. Communication – again – is important to know what is / is not happening.

New Business

Remaining budget for FY15 & possible purchases: We would like to order some “cool stuff” for S.A.C. members to distribute. Michael researched some possible options to order. There is approximately $800 to spend. We should have feedback to Michael by the close of business on Tuesday; a link to the product should be included. Current suggestions:

  • Notepads
  • Mouse pads
  • Stress balls
  • Water bottles
  • Coffee cups

Leadership UMW: A new cohort will begin in the fall. Nominations are open until Friday.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes – March 19, 2015 Meeting

March 24th, 2015

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, March 19, 2015
Lee Hall 412

Sandra Fritton spoke to the S.A.C. She presented an overview of the role that the Office of Disability Services plays. The ODS, with 3 full-time staff members, serves over 450 students each year.

Open Floor

Laura Needham has been approached about parking issues. She plans to contact the Parking Management Office to get information about the expressed issues. Staff members have suggested that:

  • There should be more motorcycle parking spots.
  • The next parking deck should be built on the William Street side of campus.

Vickie Sullivan has been contacted about classes that have been offered. A concern was expressed about how information is disseminated. Pam described the professional development program that is being developed.

Laura meets with the President next week. Two topics that will be brought up are In-band Adjustments and Tuition Reimbursement. Many would like for them to be reinstated.

Additional Days: Where are with ‘additional’ days that the Governor awarded? How have they been accommodated for?

The Governor’s memo reiterated the number of days that we have been given. We have utilized all of the days that are allocated to us. Sabrina will clarify how the leave days are applied.

Bereavement Leave: Is there Bereavement Leave for Classified Employees? Response: Personal or Annual leave may be used for Bereavement Leave.

Parking Deck: Employees may park on any floor of the Parking Deck.

Blue Ocean Mind: Sabrina (and others) recently met with the Blue Ocean Mind representatives. The goal of the program is to improve brain health. The program promotes wellness. Should the University subscribe to the program? It has been suggested that a few employees try the program (comped), and then make a recommendation about possible adoptions. Edward, Laura, Kevin, Amy, Rhonda, Michael, Les, Laura volunteered to test the program.

Treasurer’s Report
$803.87 – State Account
$230.00 – Foundation Account

Committee Reports

President’s Report

HVAC recommendation: The HVAC recommendation was sent to Vice President Pearce on March 13th.   It was also forwarded to President Hurley.

UBAC meeting: Laura attended the UBAC meeting on March 11th. Faculty raises were discussed. Additionally it looks like tuition and fees will be increased in the fall semester to cover operating expenses.

There was a meeting on March 18. Kimberley Williams attended, and gave a preliminary report on the use of software to assist in the recruitment process. The front end of the process is now paperless; the back-end processes will be modified this summer. This is a critical time for admissions.

Sweetbrier students are being welcomed to the University.

Presidents’ Meeting: Michael and I meet with President Hurley on March 24th.

Larry Atkins award: Human Resources reached out regarding the Larry Atkins award. We needed to make a decision about when awardees will be recognized and when the financial award would be given. It was discussed at the Executive Council meeting on March 11th. It was decided that, going forward, the Staff Advisory Council will financially award and formally recognize in the fall.

The Chili Cook-off was held in conjunction with the Benefits Fair. It was very successful; people are looking forward to the next cook-off. Pam Verbeck’s chili won.

Excellent Eagle award is being promoted.

The May mixer is being planned. The tentative date is May 14. The group is hoping to have appetizers and a cash bar.



Apr 16 – Cate Brewer, Director of “Lady Windermere’s Fan”

May 21 – Jeff Rountree, CEO UMWF (confirmed)

June 18 – Scott Harris, JMMU


Information has been posted in EagleEye.



The Elections Committee convened to review the Staff Advisory Council: Constitution and Bylaws and proposes that the following corrections be made to the document:

  • 2 Statement of Purpose: typo (classifies must be changed to classified)
  • 7.1 Articulation of Officers and Terms: Updated to reflect that officers are elected during the first meeting (the annual retreat) of the calendar year, not the last
  • 7.2 Removal from Office and Replacement: change outline to outlined
  • 2.3 Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary: third to last bullet point, include the word “occurs” at the end of the sentence
  • 3 Article IV: Attendance Policy: we believe “Article IV” should be removed as there are no other Articles in this document

The Elections Committee also proposes the following changes to the Constitution and Bylaws:

  • Move the University Mission Statement, Statement of Community Values, and Principles of Diversity and Inclusion to the beginning of the document as opposed to the end.
  • Revise the Attendance policy to change “Four unexcused absences within one calendar year will result in the automatic removal of the representatives from the Council” to “Three or more unexcused absences within one calendar year may result in the removal of the representatives from the Council.”
  • 3.1 Voting Membership, 2nd paragraph:

Change: “Therefore, staff representatives shall be charged with speaking to the needs and concerns of all staff, classified, and administrative employees throughout the university, regardless of division of classification.” to “Therefore, staff representatives shall be charged with speaking to the needs and concerns of all staff regardless of division of classification.”

Les Johnson made a motion that all recommendations be accepted. The motion was seconded, and passed unanimously.

VP Follow-Up Items

Michael is working with the Copy Center to design thank-you cards for us to use.

Old Business

Communications Flow Chart – Michael reviewed the S.A.C. Communications Flow Chart. See \\UMW-FS.umw.local\Shares\Staff-Advisory-Council\New Member Binder Information.

Smoke Free Campus – A sub-committee was tasked with reviewing and making suggestions for changes to the Smoking Policy. See N:\Staff-Advisory-Council\Meeting Minutes\2015\E 3 1 Smoking Policy-edits for consideration.doc. A motion that the revised Smoking Policy be accepted and passed to the appropriate administrator for consideration was made. The motion was seconded and discussed.

A friendly amendment was proposed, and approved: This policy applies to faculty and staff, volunteers, contractors, and visitors on university property.

The friendly amendment and the motion were passed.

New Business

Next Meeting
Executive Committee:
April 8, 1pm – 3pm, Link
S.A.C. Meeting: April 16, 1pm – 3pm, Stafford Campus: North Building, Room 126



Staff Advisory Council Minutes – February 19, 2015 Meeting

February 23rd, 2015

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, February 19, 2015
Lee Hall 412

David Berreth shared a video about Gari Melchers /Belmont. There was no connection to UMW in its early days, though the Melcher’s family was involved in the arts. Mrs. Melchers wanted Gari’s art to be given to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia Museum Board decided that they no longer wanted Belmont; it was offered to Mary Washington. UMW reluctantly accepted responsibility for the property. Faculty lived and entertained in Belmont.

Admission is free for UMW students and employees. Regular admission is $10; there are discounts for families, AAA members, etc.

We are encouraged to visit Belmont – and to share information about the property with others.

The property holds many events for the community:

  • A special event that is scheduled in March is a beeping egg hunt, an egg hunt for visually impaired children. This is special event – and is heart-warming.
  • Weddings
  • Business Meetings
  • Guided Tours of the trails

Open Floor
There is a mixer tonight. All are encouraged to attend. Information is going to be in the next edition of EagleEye. The event starts at 5pm. Discounts are available between 5pm and 6pm.

EagleEye: Submissions to EagleEye should be passed to the Communications Committee. Include as much information as you have. Send information to Les Johnson or Bethany Friesner.

Jeans on Fridays:   The S.A.C. members are encouraged to communicate the change with their colleagues. Instances of uneven compliance were discussed. S.A.C. members who are in these departments are encouraged to promote the policy change.

Internal Customer Service: There are concerns about how employees talk to each other. Is there something that the S.A.C. can do to promote positive customer service. Suggestions include:

  • Thank You Notes: Get an assortment of Thank You notes printed; they can be sent to colleagues who have provided good customer service. The copy center is donating cards for us to use.
  • Workshops: Are there workshops that can be provided by HR? Professional Development Initiative: Include Customer Service in this initiative. Other suggestions: workshop on writing email messages.
  • If there are unpleasant encounters, supervisors should be notified.
  • Encourage staff to utilize the WOW card and the #1 Fan programs. Suggestion: include this information in EagleEye regularly.

Treasurer’s Report
We have approximately $600; expenditures for the retreat were low. Michael and Paula will meet soon.

Committee Reports

President’s Report

02-19-2015, 5pm

Chili Cook-Off: Target date: Wednesday, March 4 – 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm Chili should be in the Underground by 11:30. This event will be held in conjunction with the Benefit Fair (see the next item). Notices are being created and shared with the UMW community.

Communication about the event is critical. It will be announced in EagleEye. Card and posters will be created and distributed.

Please spread the word.

Benefit Fair: March 4 – Noon to 2:00 pm.

There was a suggestion that the S.A.C. manage a Benefit Fair. The committee feels that this is not an appropriate effort for the group – and will encourage Erma to bring participants in. They suggested that the Fair be held in conjunction with the Chili Cook-Off. The Supply Room and Pepsi will participate.

We have permission to use the Underground. Many offices will have a table (Lee Hall, 2nd floor).

John will contact Priscilla about using the S.A.C. Tablecloth.

S.A.C. branded pens / other items will be ordered to distribute.

May Mixer: There is a plan to hold a mixer just after graduation. It will be held in the Underground. Consideration is being given to having a group play music. Michael will look into this.

Plans are being developed for March and April mixers.

Excellent Eagle Nominations: S.A.C. members are encouraged to spread the word – and to nominate colleagues for the award. A web based form has been suggested. Until then, email John S. and Pam V.

Baldwin: Baldwin has been retired for a period of time.


Feb 19
– David Berreth, Dir., Gari Melcher’s Home and Studio at Belmont (confirmed)
Mar 19 – Sandra Fritton, Dir., Disability Services (confirmed)
Apr 16 – Kate Brewer “Lady Windermere’s Fan”
May 21 – Jeff Rountree, CEO UMWF (confirmed)

Other suggestions: Kimberley Buster-Williams, Malcolm Holmes, Paul Messplay

Signature Files – The new standard for signature files was discussed. Some users are not able to adhere to the required standards because the font(s) are not on the user’s computer. There is a document describing the standards (. We are permitted to add links; SAC members are encouraged to include a link to the SAC web site.


The Elections Committee will meet in early March.

VP Follow-Up Items

Old Business
HVAC for the shops:
The recommendation has been shared with John Wiltenmuth and Dan Quann. We hope to move the proposal forward after the meeting.

Discussion: Part of the roof will be replaced soon. There is insufficient funding to do the entire roof. Funding cannot

Bethany moved: We should submit the recommendation letter as written to Rick Pearce. Vicky seconded the motion. Discussion followed:

  • Employees should not have to work in such conditions.
  • A significant number (~50) of employees are impacted.
  • The proposal has been shared with John Wiltenmuth and Dan Quann. No comments were shared with Les.
  • The motion passed unanimously.
  • Laura will put the document on the communication form and will pass the message along.

Smoke Free Campus: There is a recommendation that the University become a smoke-free campus. Questions:

  • What do other institutions do?
  • Does the proposal include Eagle Village?
  • Consideration was – in the past – given to Virginia’s economy.
  • Suggestion: Do research before proceeding. Julie will send something out to a list-serve, Bethany Friesner and Kevin Caffrey are appointed to the subcommittee.

Some research has been done into the topic. There are a few schools in Virginia that are smoke free. LEAD certification gives credit if there is distance between a building and a smoking area.


  • Partner with Campus Recreation
  • Ask HR to bring in a speaker who can present about smoking cessation and healthy life-styles.

The sub-committee makes a recommendation to extend the 50-foot ban to all buildings on the Fredericksburg campus.

Bethany moved: The committee should be tasked with creating a draft of the policy as it would appear if amended. The motion passed unanimously.

Strategic Planning Committee: Salaries for Faculty and Staff have been discussed. It has been difficult to get information about a salary study. The committee is currently looking at what other schools are doing about salaries. There will be ongoing efforts to keep salary issues in front of the group.

Discussions are driven by strategy, rather than being budget driven. Discussions have been positive, open, and encouraging.

New Business
Communications Flow Chart:
This will be discussed at the February council meeting.

Bethany moved that we table discussion of the Communications Flow Chart to the March meeting. The motion was seconded, and passed unanimously.

Diversity: There is a feeling that the group is not diverse enough. We will make an effort to invite individuals from diverse backgrounds to S.A.C. meetings, to the mixers, etc., and to ensure that we nominate personnel for the council. Could we stream the meetings so that the word gets out?

MyTime: What has the reaction to MyTime been? It is reported that students and wage employees are having no problems. Some supervisors have experienced some issues with approving leave. The system is intuitive; the feeling is that employees will ultimately understand the system.

Weather / Snow Removal: Cleaning snow on the Fredericksburg campus is handled by Facilities. Employees expressed concern about remnants of snow /ice. The Grounds crew is responsible for putting down sand / ice melt after the initial removal. If ice / snow is problematic, a Facilities work order should be submitted.

The Grounds crew works 7pm – 7am; the ‘shops’ handle the day efforts.

There are priorities for the order of plowing / shoveling. Concerns about the priority order should be expressed to John Wiltenmuth, Joanie Wilson, and Dan Quann. The group is not certain if decisions about closure / late openings are tied to priorities.

Next Meeting
Executive Committee:
March 18, 1pm – 3pm, Link
S.A.C. Meeting: March 26, 1pm – 3pm, Lee Hall 412